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If you are married or live with a partner, how do you handle your finances?

Asked by janbb (54968points) July 18th, 2018

I’m not looking for details, just general arrangements. My Ex and i pooled most of our money and all expenses were paid from a joint account. We each had a little mad money of our own. I know other couples who keep their money separate and divide up who pays for what.

Just curious about how others do it. It’s an academic question for me at this point but I was surprised when a friend said he couldn’t afford the money for a trip with his partner when I know his partner makes a good living.

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I control the money.

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All the years I was married we had a joint bank account that covered all expenses. Either of us could withdraw cash and sign cheques.

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We have a joint account, and I have a checking and savings accounts that is in my name only. Then there is a 4th account that is joint, that is used only to receive payments on the land we sold. He has access to that account, but I move the money out and into the savings account the instant it hits.

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He has access to that account, but I move the money out and into the savings account the instant it hits.
Poor Duke_III.
Has an account, can’t take a penny from it. ~

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It actually shouldn’t BE a checking account. It should be a savings account.
We have a joint account that has money in it, which is what he uses for his expenses.

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We have multiple accounts and use direct deposit to do 75% of the budget automatically.
First is a joint emergency account. Second is an account for each of us that a set amount of “do what ever you want” money goes into. It’s like an allowance we give each other and it ends petty money disagreements. Lastly we have a joint working checking account that covers bills and expenses.

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We have one checking account and all of our money goes in there for everything.

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Simply put we pool our finances, always have since we married. She handles most of the finance other than the bills, I end up paying most of those but she is still working and I am “retired” (and therefore do nothing). We decide on large expenditures together, ask if the other is ok with a particular purchase that we may individually want (of any worth), decide when best to buy. Day to day stuff we each handle as they come up.

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I’ve done it various ways. My preferred way, when there is enough (...) is to have three accounts – one for the partnership, that gets most income and pays the bills and joint and necessary expenses, and then personal accounts, which can be used for whatever the person wants, and get gifts to that person and some small share of joint surplus, so people have some money they feel they can spend without feeling like they are impacting the partnership or being inappropriately selfish.

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All seperate. He pays me what he can to help with bills, I handle all business for us as a couple or the home, he handles his own seperate issues himself. My name is the only one on my accounts, he has his own and is my TOD.

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