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Once and for all, do aliens exist or not?

Asked by mazingerz88 (21482points) July 19th, 2018

I’m ready to commit to believing whatever answer lies at the end of this thread whether aliens do exist or not. Pretty confident members here could figure out the right answer to this question.

Because if Fluther jellies couldn’t figure this out, who else can?

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For the last time, NO they do not exist.

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Sorry, I misspoke, I meant YES, they do not exist.

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Of course “they” exist.
They are currently invading Uranus.

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Yes, they are out there.

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I’ll say a double negative.
For now.

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@rojo I would need Agent Would and Wouldn’t to corroborate your waffling statements.

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Simply because we do not yet have the instruments or abilities to perceive things, doesn’t mean they don’t exist. And wouldn’t it be supremely arrogant of us to assume we are alone in the universe?
Just sayin’.

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I would like to think they do, knowing what a fuck up we humans are they have probably made a choice NOT to contact us.
Or let us know proof positive they exist.

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New world indigenous people are aliens. We will find a dimensional brige linking more humans in a space bridge linked to alternate dimensions from Earth.

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Like the bering strait land bridge. That linked Russia and Alaska 10,000 years or more ago. Not sure about the exact date.

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There are aliens.
They are waiting for President Trump to say, “red rover red Grover… ”

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Because they understand the inappropriateness of arriving unannounced.

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Bottom line, there is no solid proof either way.

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If we exist, there must be others… I can’t see another possibility….

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Statistically somewhere in the universe there are other intelligent life forms.

That doesn’t mean they’ve visited earth, stolen cattle and anally probed simpletons.

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They do but are literally as dumb & crass as Trump, they are currently also debating on the same subject on a site not unlike this one…daft twats have not a single clue.

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They do not exist in this realm. Maybe somewhere else, but no where close to this space.

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If they do they sure haven’t made it to Earth.

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If they have @Dutchess_III they sure didn’t let their presence be known, they probably looked around and said holy shit these people are fucking nuts lets get out of here.

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If there are aliens here on earth, and if they are the least bit intelligent (which, almost by definition, they would have to be), then they would presumably make efforts to fit in to earth civilization as much as possible, so as not to be detected as aliens.

That being the case, how would we know that they are aliens?

Another more metaphysical question: If there are aliens on earth and they have infiltrated and posed as Americans (or Russians, or whatever) and have passed as human for a generation or two – at what point do they stop thinking and acting as aliens, and what point do they just ‘fit in’?

In other words, does a long-term alien extra-terrestrial assimilate given enough time?

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I think there is a Russian model who could answer that one.

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