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What is that one unique culture from a foreign country that impresses and delights you most?

Asked by mazingerz88 (21487points) July 19th, 2018

For example, China’s Kung Fu culture. When I think of China, before any other unique Chinese art form or societal tradition come to mind, it’s always Kung Fu that I find impressive.

Japan, it’s their amazing swordmaking skills in the form of katanas.

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Tailgate parties, from the USA. Never been to one , but seen on television. The meats look awesome.

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Wish I could send you 50 more QA’s @RedDeerGuy1 !

They are a blast. 40 years ago I use to go to parties before sports car races, one guy would hire a gourmet chef for meals at his RV. Lobster thermador, welsh rarebit and paella were some of the cooks. Once he had an Ice Sculpture done of a sports car.

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Māori in Polynesia / New Zealand.

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The Klingon Pain Stick Ritual.

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@RedDeerGuy1 – That doesn’t happen in Canada ( may be with a different name)?

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@imrainmaker Maybe on a smaller scale.

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The culture of decency and common sense in Canada.

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One of my old roommates is from Kazakhstan had a very interesting cultural tradition. Her father died, and whenever she had a dream about her father, the tradition was to bake these special pastries and share them with friends/family.

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I like Chinese tea culture. It’s like going for a coffee but there is more of a ceremony to it which I like to experience. It takes place in very pleasant and relaxed surroundings with pleasing décor, old wooden tables and beautiful teapots and cups. And of course there is the tea of which there is a huge variety, like wines in the west.

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Cannibalism…eat ya heart out Fiji.

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France and its human-sized food portions. The French eat full-fat, rich, and satisfying ice cream, but a serving is the size of a golf ball. Desserts are a few bites, not huge slabs. Meals are scaled to fulfill, not to meet excessive expectations.

French people love to eat, but they do so in moderation. If you think about it, the first taste of anything is always the best one, and the 30th taste is no more gratifying than the 10th.

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Fascinated by many things from other cultures. Hard to pick just one.

Currently fascinated by Japanese Tebori.

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@raum Will Google that now.

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