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Does it give you a pang if you see an old question and there are answers from Jellies who have died?

Asked by janbb (53624points) July 20th, 2018

As asked.

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They don’t necessarily have to die to bring on the pang.

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Not so you’d notice no, now if they answered a new question, then i’d shit myself.

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Yes. I’ve been here 10 years so there are too many who have died or even just left. I miss a lot of people.

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Just going through my messages does that.
Adi, Crow, and things they said. I have to go back through my messages to find a link I use. On that very same page is a conversation between me and Espiritus Corvus. I was not at all well, and he told me to call 911 immediately.
We only had him for a few days after that. I cry and think how I wish he had taken his own advice.
I see lots of old posts from Stu. I miss him a lot.
He had such a knack for asking questions, but none helped him to choose life. I wonder if any milkweed grows near where he rests, so his beloved monarch butterflies can be near.
I never knew Gail well, but I loved her pictures of Milo.
Yes, I run across old posts frequently, and wind up revisiting jellies in my head.

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Yes, especially Adirondack. We used to message quite a bit, he had a niece that was a vegetarian, so he often asked me for recipes he could make when they came to visit. Such a kind man. And Stu and I would often talk about getting stuff at the dollar stores, vegetarian food that was actually super tasty. It does kind of hit you like a two by four sometimes.

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Gail, pdworkin, Crow, everephebe, Addie, stu – so many gone.

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Wow! Look what popped up over on the side! This Question

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Even jellies who just haven’t been here in years I can feel a pang.

I’d like to know if wunday is ok. Anyone in touch with him?

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I do. I still feel the loss of both Gail and Gary like it was yesterday.

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This reminds me that I should probably share my Facebook with someone. Anyone willing?

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You can m me if you’d like.

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