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For outlaws only... How do these stories make you feel?

Asked by Patty_Melt (12183points) July 20th, 2018

I don’t expect many answers here, but I insist on legit answers only.
If my question fits nobody here, fine with me if I get no answers.

I just finished watching a movie where there is a thin line separating good guys from bad guys. They all pretty much knew each other, just the good guys were unaware of the activities of their friends and relatives.
I started wondering, if people like them saw such movies, do they see themselves as the bad guys?
Do they care?
How would they feel if a movie were made which included them personally, with their crimes exposed?

So, if there is anybody on fluther who lives a life of crime, how do you feel, knowing that people read books, and see movies, and root against people like you?

Of course, if this question does fit anybody, I’m sure you want to use a side account to answer. That is fine.

I don’t want answers from anybody who thinks they know, or is a profiler. That is maybe another question for later.

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Just for clarification, when you say a movie about “them”. Which side of the good guy/bad guy line are you asking about? I think you mean the bad guys but want to be sure.

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In my details, I specifically address those who lead a life of crime.
Those who fit that distinction, may consider themselves good guys, or bad, but it is those who lead criminal lives, or have for a length of time in the past, that I direct my question to.

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I thought I was pretty clear with my question, but it seems some are confused.

I am not asking anyone to make confessions of any crimes here.
I did say criminal activities past or present, but all I’m asking is for a description of attitude.

I once had a friend whose daughter was in a gang. I’m sure cops had her name on a page somewhere.
I had a temp job for a bit where gang members were frequent customers.
One gang in particular spent a lot of money there. It was a legal business, and nobody was doing anything wrong. You can be sure the cops knew about these guys, but knowing about them does not necessarily mean they will be arrested.
I spoke alone with the leader a couple of times.
He wanted out. He loved the guys, and he didn’t want to see any of them hurt, and that was a big part of why he stayed.
He had a little baby girl, and he couldn’t go anywhere public with her because something could go down.
I tried making suggestions how he might get out, but he said he was dead if he tried any of them.
Whenever I watch any of the Fast And Furious movies I think of those guys. Okay, he was no Vin Diesel, but kinda.
So, I know he felt wrong about his activities, but I don’t know if he or any of his gang considered themselves good guys, or bad guys.
That is what I am getting at.
There are guys out there who are ex gang, and work at trying to reform gang members. They have nothing to fear in discussing their past.

I talked once for several hours with a guy who had just that day been released from prison after serving a murder term. He spoke quite openly with me. He described an escape attempt he failed to pull off. It seemed a bit far fetched, but his file was right there with him, and he showed me the page detailing his attempt. I was surprised he admitted to it, as it was a pretty silly idea.
Anyway, past or present, life of crime, all things being what they are, do/did you feel you are/were a good guy, or bad guy?
And, just for the extra point, who do you root for in those good guy, bad guy stories?

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One thing you said sticks with me, theres a fine line. In my younger years I associated with criminals a lot. Many were actually not good people and were proud of it. Happy to discuss further.

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