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Is the Earth flat?

Asked by mazingerz88 (22796points) July 20th, 2018 from iPhone

I just had a friend inform me he is now one of those who believe the Earth is flat. And he was skeptical at first but after a year of reading, researching and discussing it with like minded people, he is now a believer.

I just said, “Ooooooookaaaay…”

Not sure if I even wanna Google and research this on the internet. And I’m too lazy to even try. So I’m relying on friendly jellies to give me info on this so I can tell my friend he’s totally wrong.

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Well, it is in places. Although not perfectly. But when they say “flat” they don’t really mean perfectly flat, do they? I mean, they can see it goes up and down in places. Sometimes by a lot. So it’s kind of flat, here and there, but not actually flat. It’s a roundish kind of flat. Right?

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And how do the Sun and the moon go around? Do they go behind? Is there a place you can fly to and see the edge?

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Even some Trump supporters accept that the Earth is obviously basically spherical in the large-scale, even if relatively flat at small-scale.

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HIS earth may very well be flat. But the flatness of THE earth must be disputed for obvious reasons. Skeptical at first? What EXACTLY could he read that would change his mind?

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Last try…
Maybe he meant it figuratively?
Like, Earth is boring, tepid, flat.

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It’s not round, that’s fake news. People have told me it’s flat, I don’t know. The real question is what happened to Hillary’s servers and the 30,000 emails?

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Something with sticks in the ground at certain distances from each other, and shadows being cast.
Google thát.
Or just tell him he’s completely wrong.

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Maybe it is like Brooke Shields, flat for a long time, then BOOM! Silicone.

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Why have none of the flat earthers told us where the edge is?

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yet he uses a GPS, satellite TV, weather reports, to go about his daily life. What magic holds all those satellites up there?
It really is not your job to convince him. That is a bottomless pit. Just tell him to stop being an idiot and move on.

@rebbel. The Egyptians dug holes in the ground and marked where the sun’s shadow landed at the same time. They were able to estimate the diameter of the Earth and were quite close. to the actual number.

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Well, now one prominent flat-Earther, Connor Murphy, has revealed why this doesn’t happen. He’s concluded the Earth is in fact round. Just kidding. Murphy has concluded that there is no edge at all.

“Fall off into what, do you know what I’m saying? There’s no edge. This is a misconception,” Murphy told Unilad.

“The way we see it is it’s an enclosed system. There’s water above, there’s the firmament – or the dome – and there’s water above it and water below it and there’s no leaving it, there’s no anti-gravity allowing us to float around and find other Suns and stuff.”

So nobody falls off the edge because we’re all in a massive snow globe. Pretty convincing stuff.

@LuckyGuy Those were the sticks I meant, yeah.

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A year of reading and research and THIS is his conclusion? There’s something rather disturbing about this, and what it says regarding the desperate need so many people have for some alternate reality.

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What Murphy says makes no sense. Is the Earth at the bottom of the snow globe? What happens if you keep digging through the Earth? Would you run into the bottom surface of the snow globe? The same argument applies to the firmament above. What happens when you travel to the top of the firmament?

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It is of course gibberish. No edge means the surface is unbounded. And flat but unbounded means the earth goes on forever.

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Heehee of course not there’s mountains & hills & shit.

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This is not about the shape of the Earth. This is about the quirky human mind. It’s the ability of humans to believe in something like the this (a flat Earth), a religion, a political lie, etc despite a mountain of evidence that disputes that belief.

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WHY try to tell him that he’s wrong??? He cannot FORCE you to believe & my guess is that you cannot FORCE him to NOT believe!!! In the overall scheme of things, neither belief really matters!!! As long as we can travel from Point A to Point B what difference does it make whether we get there flatly or roundly???

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I read that the proof that the earth is not flat is in the fact that, if it were, cats would have pushed everything off it by now.

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^^^SO TRUE!!! LoL

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The Earth is as flat as your head. Or, in this case, HIS head…

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Well, the Earth isn’t technically exactly round either. It’s an oblate spheroid.

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I decided to see what the flat earthers believe. Here is a link. It’s all bible based and absolutely hilarious.
Once they whip out the bible you can’t change their minds.
Only a fool argues with a fool. Stay clear. And enjoy your GPS as you drive far away.

And don’t mate with morons!

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Even in their terms, it makes no sense. Does the Antarctic go on forever? If not, what if you flew a plane and dropped something off at the edge of the Antarctic? Why don’t the Flat-Earthers show us?

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By golly, they’re right! It is flat!

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It’s become a religion of attention seekers. ..........Tell him the fluoride in the water is only making him think the earth is flat, or it was in the vaccinations he was given as a child making him think like that, or the chem-trails, messing with his thought process. Your friend has opened his mouth and proved he is a fool.

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Here is an excellent article about how astronomers figured out the distance to the Moon, Sun and planets. The 1761 Venus Transit
“combined with data collected during another transit eight years later, the undertaking had been a success. French astronomer Jerome Lalande collected all the data and computed the first accurate distance to the Sun: 153 million kilometers, good to within three percent of the true value!”

“The first distance to be measured with any accuracy was that of the Moon. In the middle of the 2nd century BCE, Greek astronomer Hipparchus pioneered the use of a method known as parallax. The idea of parallax is simple: when objects are observed from two different angles, closer objects appear to shift more than do farther ones. You can demonstrate this easily for yourself by holding a finger at arm’s length and closing one eye and then the other. Notice how your finger moves more than things in the background? That’s parallax! By observing the Moon from two cities a known distance apart, Hipparchus used a little geometry to compute its distance to within 7% of today’s modern value – not bad!”

So this group believes info that was proved incorrect more than 2000 years ago. Before NASA invented CGI. (one of their arguments against the videos and photos NASA publishes.)

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Thanks everyone who posted.

With my very limited scientific knowledge and very common common sense which I think I have I simply asked my friend what about the photos taken by satellites in space and the window view of astronauts at the Space Station?

His answer, ALL faked.

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^^^ At this point I’d accept that he’s gone over the edge of rational reasoning. As his friend, allow him to live out his happy existence. Then, IF he ends up forced to face the reality of being wrong, be a good friend & be there for him because he won’t have many friends left!!!

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@mazingerz88 Step away from the keyboard and hope he does not have a job requiring any technical skills or common sense.

Ooooo!!!!! Since you now know he is a gullible moron skeptic, find a good website claiming the world will end in a year or two. Just do a search for “end of the world is coming proof”
Let him read that for a while. Send him updates regularly. Then offer to buy his soon to be worthless house and property for a low price. He can use the cash to buy gold or silver that he can trade for water and food. When the world does not end you can charge him rent or kick him out and sell the place. Rather than spitting into the wind you can make money off his stupidity.

List of End of the world predictions
Here is one for 2018
Since he is a bible beater toss this one at him.

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Old style navigation (not satnav) is based on the concept of a spinning spherical planet rotating around an unremarkable star we call the Sun. For hundreds of years ships have left port and arrived at their destinations using this method. I spent seven years in the Merchant Navy so I know it works.

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