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What have you regretted giving away?

Asked by Jeruba (47954points) July 21st, 2018

A book, an heirloom, an item of clothing, a house?

Tell us the story. Or just tell us what it was and why you later regretted your generosity.

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About 20 years ago my husband and I gave $800 of airline money to his mom and sister so they could go to a wedding in Mexico. It was my idea. Not many months later, one day when my MIL was upset about something, she blurted out to my husband we do nothing for them. This was years ago when $800 was a lot of money to us. It’s still a lot of money to me, but then it was even more. Plus, it’s not the only thing we have done for them by a long shot. I wish we had never given them that flight money.

Fast forward to 3 months ago my MIL tells my husband that she gave her daughter $4k for her new condo. Not to buy it, to fix it up I guess. My SIL makes more money than us right now! My husband’s parents gave basically never given us anything. Yes, some small gifts here and there, but even that, we always get less than other family members. I know it shouldn’t matter, but it’s so incredibly obvious the money spent us drastically different on things like Christmas gifts.

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It’s nothing valuable, but I regret giving away my Nintendo 64 and all of my games

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My second edition dungeons and dragons players handbook. The guy forgot to pay me and moved away. Also a collector’s edition of a vhs documentary with just music and animation.

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Chef’s wages for the past month, his burnt offerings are how he’ll end up…fired!

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Vests. I love vests and they keep coming back into style. I miss some of the first batik and block print vests I bought back in the late 70’s and the 80’s. I’d be rocking them now. Esp the one that was about a million shades of purple with little mirrors all over it.

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A set of double doors.

When we called a plumber and went down into the crawl space of our house, we discovered a set of double doors. Since we weren’t planning on using them, I thought it would go to waste sitting in our crawl space. And would get water damage if we had another leak. So I donated them to Urban Ore

While I believe in putting things to good use, I’ve always regretted giving those doors away. Because I also believe that we are less owners and more stewards of our home. It existed before us and it (if we are good stewards during our lifetime) will exist after we are gone.

Those doors were original to the house. And I feel like it was disrespectful to the house and future stewards to make that decision.

I actually mentally apologize to the house every time I think of it.

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