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Would my new boyfriend possibly be upset?

Asked by sarahgrahs (45points) July 21st, 2018

Hello. I have recently started dating someone new. I got out of a relationship last year with my ex where I was on birth control. However, a year later, I have been experiencing side effects with the pill and my doctor advised me I stop taking it as I still am very young and the pills can do more damage from a young age long term instead of to an older woman. My new partner and i haven’t had sex yet but he knows I’m on birth control. Would he be upset if I come off birth control and I tell him let’s simply use condoms? I know most men hate condoms but for my health, it’s best.

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If he would then he’s not boyfriend material.

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^ Agreed!
He might be secretly bothered but he should be supportive and keep any and all criticisms to himself.

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I personally don’t trust condoms as the only type of birth control but condom use can be fun and enjoyable.

If your relationship is at a place where you have already discussed birth control, it’s time to talk about it again. Someone who’s into the relationship for more than sex will get past the need to use condoms esp if you learn to use them in a way that will be pleasurable for your partner (and you). Putting the condom on him is very intimate and can be a good part of sex play.

Lots of website give advice on sexy/fun condom ways to put on a condom

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It wouldn’t hurt to get a second doctor’s opinion…

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^^ There is no reason for her to get a second opinion if she trusts her doctor that it is sound advice.

However, there are other forms of birth control you can use such as a diaphragm in addition to condoms.

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How did his STD test come back? Surely you have both done those and waited six months and then got tested again before you are considering bareback.

Because if you haven’t at least done that you need to be wearing a condom.

And do you trust the dude to not get drunk and stick his dick in some strange and then pass that on to you?

A week ago today I went to urgent care for a persistent sore throat. Ten minutes in the doctor was all “this is weird, when was your last test for HIV?” Then he started talking about how this is something that would be a symptom of HIV. And then he walked off to find another doctor to get a second opinion.

Thirty fucking minutes pass and I AM FREAKING THE FUCK OUT.

Second doctor is less keen on the HIV theory and prescribes a antifungal.

The moral of the story is.. That wait for the second doctor to make it seem like less of a HIV thing was pretty damn terrifying. They still tested me.

I have documentation.

For the curious. NO HIV up in this dude.

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If anyone is interested, there is a MRSA type infection of the throat that manifests itself, usually, with gay men. It is not HIV.

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