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If a genie magically granted you the ability to have encyclopedic knowledge/skill of one narrow subject instantly, what would it be?

Asked by rockfan (9368points) July 21st, 2018 from iPhone

It would be tough to choose, but I would probably go with Computer Information Technology

Also, you don’t have to stick to a narrow subject, you can add a general subject as well.

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How to perform miracles . I would choose computer tech but most of my knowledge would be out of date in a year or so. If we are choosing from classroom knowledge then I would pick nutrition and health for humans. Or simply how to care for my self and others.
Like domestic skills. I would like to be able to understand women. Humor or small talk would be nice. Grammer would be good since I don’t know the difference between their and there. I would also like to have a ph.d in general studies.

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good choice. I’d pick cosmology, if the economic security of those who matter to me is not at stake. The trouble is that there are too many who do matter. So I would pick the stock market – the casino which would readily support those I care about at the unfortunate expense of the rest of you. Sorry, but I don’t make the rules.

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People often confuse me with their logic; so, I’d request to be able to understand my fellow man!!!

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Or how to grant wishes. Magik . If not then great skill in literacy and writing.

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Computer programming

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Medicine and health issues.

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The Honey Boo Boo T.V. Series

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If it can be secret information, I’d want to know all the details of corporate & big-money corruption of world governments and organizations, and how they can be destroyed.

Or, as @RedDeerGuy1 pointed out, since the existence of the genie demonstrates extreme magic powers are available in the world, perhaps a full understanding of these magic powers and how to obtain them would be best.

Or if it has to be something mundane, perhaps environmental science and/or environmental protection law.

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To comprehend who the fuck made the genie chief wish giver & why.

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Inter-species mating rituals.

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Perfect knowledge of the stock market.

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Art or Anthropology

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All Languages. I think that skill would keep me busy, earn some money, travel and help people.

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Neuroscience, because it’s fascinating.

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Math – so that I can understand it deeper than as a tool.

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Scruggs style banjo picking

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Astronomy so I can discover the secrets of the Universe and answer once and for all whether we are alone etc.

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^^^ We are NEVER alone!!!

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