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Are you following someone on social media sites?

Asked by imrainmaker (8339points) July 22nd, 2018

If yes my next question would be whom are you following and why?

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I think I clicked to follow some people on Twitter, but I have no idea how that’s working, because I log onto Twitter about three times a year. I know a couple were to be able to comment on their page, or whatever it’s called. One was Katie Couric, another few were friends of mine. I don’t remember who else.

When I first joined fluther I selected jellies to follow. I haven’t added more in years. I wonder if I should look at that?

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You get to know questions they have asked / answered if following someone over here right?

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My sister, my cousins, some old friends from college.

No one that any of you would know.

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I follow a few on twitter. Most well known is Marc Marion, who does a well known podcast that I have listened to for 9 years. A few other comedians, such as Paula Poundstone.

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Only in the sense of clicking a button that says Follow, usually strangers who gave interesting answers to question.

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Facebook God

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A few on facebook, mostly relatives

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Some Hackfrauds.
And some porn artists.

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I follow Samir Soni on Twitter because he was my workout buddy when I was in grad school. Now he is a big Bollywood star. I wanted to get back in touch with him.

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I follow reporters, musicians, and artists on Facebook. I don’t want to bother them with a Friend request. So i just follow them.

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