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Does anyone think a hair bun on top of the head looks good?

Asked by JLeslie (56049points) July 22nd, 2018 from iPhone

I know it’s a totally superficial question, but it became trendy the last couple of years and I think it is unattractive and unsexy, if that’s a word. I don’t really care if someone is unattractive, but it’s just a fashion and style question, don’t read into it.

You need to have really long hair to do it. Your hair in the back needs to be long enough to go to the top of your head and stay in a band.

It’s interesting to me that a woman with a bun at the back of her head can look beautiful to me, but move it to the top and it’s a turn off. I don’t know if it’s social conditioning or something innate.

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@rebbel Can you get his number for me? :-]

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There’s a guy at our local grocery who wears his hair in a bun, not on top, but very high. He’s very good looking to begin with, and the bun doesn’t detract from his appearance at all.

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Are youtalking about men or women? In either case, as @snowberry says, I think it depends a lot on how good looking the person is and how nice their hair is.

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On a chick, maybe, but not on a dude.

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@chyna His, or his hairdresser’s? ;-)

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Not really. Looks even worse on a man.

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Yes. With the proper shape of the head a bun placed on top is nice. For balance, a bun can look right placed on head most anywhere. High back, low back, offset, again with proper head shape and balance a bun will work most anyplace on head.

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It’s very neat and digniifed looking. I like the do.

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If it’s a turn-off, you don’t need to ask her out, or if she is a girlfriend and you feel comfortable telling her, let her know you don’t think it’s sexy and ask if she would mind wearing her hair a different way you do find sexy.

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I like these:
a nice not-too-tidy one
a fancy one
I think the style of these is nice & cute: 1 2 3
And this easy-looking style can be nice.
These are even less formal and can be nice & fun (even without the pens).

Moreover, hair in a bun is often a practical way to have long hair and not have to deal with or have it be as much work to keep long hair. And I do really like long hair, so even an easy functional bun that isn’t much to look at, is holding (and perhaps keeping from being cut off) nice long hair that will get let down at some point…

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Zaku your crap loaded to my phone memory.

The King And I is a movie chock full of people with buns on top of their heads. I think they look pretty cool.

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@filmfann That’s a high bun, but not a top of head bun.

@Zuka Your links also are pretty much all high buns, not top of head buns. Your functional bun comes closest, still not quite there, and she would look better with her hair in a back of head bun or ponytail in my opinion

@janbb Either gender. I wasn’t really thinking about only one gender, although I did mention women in my original post, so probably I should have clarified for both men and women.

@Patty_Melt That’s right, the King and I is full of that style. In fact, when I started seeing a lot of people using the top bun here in America, I assumed it was taken from the Far East.

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@Patty_Melt Not sure what you mean. Those are just links to JPG and GIF files, no?

@JLeslie Oh, yeah, ok. Hmm, the first one and the ones numbered 1, 2, 3 don’t count as top?

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They loaded to my phone. I deleted without opening. I stopped clicking after the second, when I realized they were loading.

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Yeah -they downloaded on my desktop automatically too. Not sure why that happened.

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@Zaku They were indeed jpeg’s and gif’s (at least, the two I clicked), they weren’t opening in a new browser tab though, but straight downloads into the phone.
Those two didn’t set off alarms in my phone, but it is a bit ‘scary’ (in these uncertain, hacky, virussy times).

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@rebbel created a new word. Virussy.

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First time I’ve ever heard of a link to an image alarming people. I think the behavior on some browsers must have changed?

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Have you clicked them yourself, @Zaku?
Click the one in this sentence:“And this easy-looking style can be nice.”
You’ll see that it goes directly to the download folder (on desktop you’ll be asked if and where to store it, my phone it downloaded it immediately).
But yeah, it is a bit weird.

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I’m in Chrome on a PC if that helps.

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I’m pretty sure it’s called a top knot, the bun you’re thinking of @JLeslie.

Are these more like what you were looking for?

I personally think they look nice. There are a ton of different ways to style it, and sometimes the particular style is more of a functional “get-this-hair-out-of-my-face,” but I don’t find that unattractive, either.

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I’m not a fan

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I like them. Isn’t it good there are no rules, we can all wear the hair style we choose. And if other people don’t like it well……

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I think they were popular from ancient times like this statue of Buddha He’s looking cool in that but can’t say the same about the pics you have shared.

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^^Buddha isn’t trying to be sexy. That’s the thing, it’s not sexy to me. Some people are so gorgeous that they are gorgeous no matter what, and so they pull it off and still look very attractive, but for most I think other hairstyles are much prettier.

Not that it really matters in the end. I live in a place where most people aren’t very concerned about looks and fashion and I’m very grateful. People are much more interested in learning from each other, and helping each other, and having fun. I think it’s the age, I’m in a retirement community.

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@rebbel Yes, I clicked on them. 7 of them just show me the image in my browser. 2 of them ask me if I want to view of download the image file.

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@Zaku OK, great.
I thought that it maybe was a browser specific issue, that’s why I asked.
I clicked your links randomly, and the two I clicked did what they did; directly into my download folder (on mobile).
Anyway, just trying to see if I could figure out what and why, no biggy.

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@rebbel Yeah, I’d like to know what’s going on with it too. It seems to me (someone who’s done a lot of professional web development work) that a direct hyperlink to a JPG file (which describes the two that result in a download, but also several of the others) should (and usually do) just show the file in the browser. Of course, it is up to the browser to decide what to do with a file… but since they are all JPG, I am curious what is making the difference.

P.S. Doing a little research, apparently it’s the web server hosting the file, which can be set to specify an image file either as an image or as a binary. Some browsers (e.g. IE8) will ignore that and show a file named like an image if they can, while the latest Firefox will notice the server’s MIME-type setting and if it’s binary, will ask the user if they want to download it (or apparently on a phone, freak out the user with weird “download to your phone memory?” messages?).

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I guess buns are okay, but I prefer a variety of tonsorial pastries.

I know some rather crude dudes, who say their favorite is a hair pie worn over the face. ;-o

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