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How's your summer going?

Asked by LazyMe10 (508points) July 22nd, 2018

Hello all! It’s been forever since I posted on here. I was finally able to get back into my account. _

So, how is everyone’s summer going?
Mines is hot & humid & I’m working two jobs so majority of the times I’m really tired. But I’m still hanging in there.

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Finally after 3 weeks of digging, replacing broken PVC pipes and 3 sprinkler heads I have my 5 of my 6 lawn sprinkler systems functioning properly. Too late to keep the lawn green.

Also been racing outrigger canoes nearly every weekend. Preparing for 3 big races in Hawaii in August (Queen Lili’uokalani 18 miler), September (Pajilolo 26 miles) and in October (Moloka’i Hoe 41 miles). Fun stuff!

Pretty mild temperatures here in Tacoma. Not too hot.

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^So jealous….

Been paddling my boring canoe around. Fishing gas been ok, but it’s almost too hot now. I may have to wait for August to pass, before getting back in the water.

It’s another amazingly beautiful summer in Charleston SC, and another HOT/HUMID one. Uuuugh…

Mosquitoes seem not quite as bad as normal summers. I think we’re spraying more…

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It’s much drier than usual here in Germany, which is fun for outside activities but sad for our (normally pampered) plants.

I was thinking just yesterday that I’m not really living the summer…but I’m going to a barbeque tonight and I’ll be spending next week at a lake, so that should help.

Welcome back, LazyMe.

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Enduring the heat while working, studying, fooling around, and drawing my comic.

Seriously, my comic is the only thing that set my life apart from others around me. Whenever I have break time I jump right into working. In my workplace people work and then sometimes have a short break between work waiting for a new task. So people spend the break gluing into their phone. While it may not look like it, they work and have a break, while I work non-stop.

Recently I got unintentional feedback that my work isn’t worthless. At one point I was at page 20-some and people laughed at me for my slow progress. They thought I should give up because I was wasting my time. But I kept at it. And now I’m at page 36 and they are astounded at how far I have gone. One of them even ask when I will reach 100 pages. I think I have gone a pretty long way.

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@gondwanalon wow! That’s sounds way more exciting then my summer. I wish you all the luck on all your races.

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@MrGrimm888 Hang in there, mosquitos are a pain! It’s too hot and humid here for them to come out just yet. They all start to flow out when it rains really hard here…I hate it so. Evil things.

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@longgone BBQ are always nice to go to. I mean it’s free food! :)
Also, being at a lake sounds nice and relaxing.

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@ZEPHYRA Best. Answer. Ever!
Cause literally my response to how I feel about the weather and my lack of sleep. Lol.

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@Mimishu1995 That’s actually pretty amazing that your making a comic! :)
When your doing something that your passionate about and it makes you happy. You’ll get far. And you’ll be able to prove those people wrong that laugh at you.

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