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Did James Bond work out?

Asked by elbanditoroso (24562points) July 22nd, 2018

He’s always climbing ropes or running after something or scuba diving or doing all sorts of athletic stuff.

But you never see him working out, except once (maybe, it may have been an act) in Diamonds Are Forever.

How did he stay so toned without exercise?

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When we see him he is on assignment. When he is between assignments, he has plenty of time to workout.

He often goes for a run or a swim when on assignment.

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But of course! It would be a prerequisite considering his 00 status and the license to kill.

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Chicks half his age, duh.
Also what those guys already said.

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He does most of his workout in the bed you know..) That’s the only thing we see him doing when not on any assignment.

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Exercise is needed to keep in shape by people who aren’t always climbing, running, fighting, and doing other athletic things for actual reasons.

Physical activity does not HAVE to be otherwise pointless, to have health benefits.

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Read a few novels. Can’t recall reading where he exercised just for the sake of it. : )

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I read the novels too and do not remember any mention of working out in the gym.

I also do not recall him ever pooping.

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The new novels are good reads imo. Still no gym sessions. I need my Bond action fix. Time to see if there’s a new book. : )

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Never Say Never Again features a part where MI6 try sending Bond to a health spa. Of course, he quickly finds better things to do with his time.

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