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Are your arms usually colder than your legs at night?

Asked by JLeslie (61534points) July 23rd, 2018 from iPhone

A lot of pajama sets for women have tank tops or short sleeve and long pants. My arms get much colder than my legs. Especially, in bed where the covers can be over my lower body the easiest. If I work a little or get on social media my arms are outside of the covers.

Even men’s pajama sets sometimes are short sleeve with long pants. I’ve seen it on winter sets with flannel pants!

I’m thinking maybe most people stay warmer on their arms than me, or maybe the designers are really missing the mark.

I have a bunch of long sleeve t-shirts for sleeping. I wear them all year long.

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Neither. Thank god for waterbeds with heaters.

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I suppose. There is typically more muscle, and fat in your lower body. The femoral arteries in your legs are bigger than the ones in your arms. So, you should get better blood flow too, making them feel warmer/not cold…

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I am the opposite.

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I think they are, now that I think about it. In the winter I will often sleep in a sweater and underwear. But what really matters for me is having my feet covered. I always sleep in socks when it’s cold. Depending on the temperature, sometimes that’s enough.

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