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Can one add extra prosthetic body parts?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (16427points) July 24th, 2018

Like an extra thumb, or arm , or breast. Would you given the choice? What body parts would you add if money was no object?

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The problem becomes, where do you add the extra part?

Advanced prosthetics now can be attached so well that there is muscular control. But an extra anything wouldn’t have muscles to attach.

The one time I could use an extra arm is when eating hors d’oevres at a reception while holding a beverage. So an extra right arm would be handy, but problematic for dressing.

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I’m sure that IF you had enough money that you could add anything you wanted to add!!!

I’m far from perfect; but, I do believe that I’m perfect just like I am…hence I wouldn’t want to change a thing!!!

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Yes, a brain enhancer!

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Extra thumb may be to feel special!!

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I could always use another hand with the arm that goes with it. But that would involve a whole new set of clothes and they all have to be tailored to fit my new body.

This is getting complicated!

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Plug and Play artificial pleasure orifices.

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You could always add the Hiliminator (pat. pending) an embed which, when used in conjunction with the Obaminator, will help you decrease your desire to blame Clinton for every societal ill that you think you see or slight you imagine you have suffered.

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Considering the bigotry directed at people with different skin color, imagine what the reaction would be to someone with an extra arm. This may not be that much of an issue in the future when genetic engineering allows parents to custom design their children, including skin color and extra appendages.

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An extra set of working testicles???

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G-spots and prostates on every point on the body.

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“Doctor? Do I have a choice to have those plumbed in series or parallel? ”

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Animal body parts too? About a long tail? You’d accommodate it by having something similar to a buttonhole, in the appropriate place on your clothing.

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