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Where can I find information about the track record of the Fleet Street Letter?

Asked by 2davidc8 (10189points) July 25th, 2018

To my understanding, Fleet Street Letter is an investment newsletter with advice on where to invest your money. Apparently it has been in existence for over 25 years (not sure if it still is).
But anyway, you would think that there would be lots of criticism or reviews of it somewhere, but I can’t find much.
Can someone show me where to look?

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Google. Take a look. The news is less than enthusiastic.

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I did Google, but what little I found tended to be written by folks with their own agenda.

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That is really tough to find out.If you have access to some old copies and recommendations you could look at those specific stock prices and see how they moved.
A friend of mine has a subscription to ValueLine and they too give reports and recommendations. My friend says they hit some, they lose some – like he does when he picks a stock. The difference is when he wins on their recommendation, he feels his subscription is worth it. When he loses on one of their recommendations, he feels that “even the analysts made the same call”. and feels almost vindicated.

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@LuckyGuy I do have a booklet that they put out in the late 90s, and I could check out in hindsight how they did. But I also was wondering what the larger financial community was saying about them, and how they were being perceived and rated.

Thanks for your comments.

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