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Do you accept a challenge?

Asked by ideabrian (394points) August 19th, 2008

1. Do you personally like a challenge?
2. What would you like to be challenged to (upon completion you’d reach a new level of confidence and satisfaction in life.)
3. Would you like to use an iPhone to log your progress on a challenge – and communicate your progress to others in the challenge?

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1. I appreciate and relish a good challenge.

2. I would like to take a job with a company whose sales team is in a complete funk and turn them around into all-star sales people.

3. iPhone = iDon’twant There are plenty of ways of tracking the progress of a challenge.

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1. Absolutely! I believe that facing different things in life help you grow. Challenge is just another form of a life test.

2. A marathon. A full marathon. I ran a mini, before I got sick. After I’m better, not only do I want to show the doctos that I not only will I run again, I will complete a marathon!

3. Hmmmm…not sure, I probably would, in hopes to inspire someone to reach higher in life, don’t just let those dreams sit there, do something about it!

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Yes to the first cause, as our family creed goes, any way i never back down from a challenge, never!!
as to the second i would love to be challenged in a final Combat match, I’ve never lost.
but no the the third i don’t have an iphone, unfortunatly.

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