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Do you think Trump's followers feel comfortable with Trump because they're smarter than him?

Asked by Dutchess_III (44145points) July 28th, 2018

This just occurred to me. How did we go from a person of such high intelligence, almost genius, a Harvard graduate, someone who has had so many honors bestowed upon him because of his intelligence, to a bloviating, moronic wind bag who barely graduated with an associates degree, and who feels the need to brag about his own intelligence because God knows, no one else is.
In fact, I can’t even remember any Trump conservatives ever saying that Trump is intelligent. Do you think it makes his followers feel superior?

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A majority of his supporters are more honest than he is, and also more moral. At least I hope so.

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Republicans belive that goverment is not capable to lead the country. They keep proving that right when they get in power.

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Just heartbreaking and disturbing to hear a trump supporter say she did not go to college that’s why she believes what she sees on Fox News.

With enough time and calm engagement this 75 year old lady I talked to at the YMCA could probably be swayed to vote For Democrats.

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Well, I think that even if I hadn’t gone to college I would still be smart enough to see through Trump.

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^^ Generally most humans’ psychology is quite vulnerable to manipulation. Just ask the Russians.

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So you think going to college makes one less vulnerable?

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Some might be smarter, but do you honestly believe that Trump could be elected without the dummy vote?

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Smarter than him and dumber than everybody else.

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Of course he wouldn’t have been elected without the idiots.

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