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Where are you?

Asked by gooch (5734points) July 27th, 2007 from iPhone


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USA LA Lafayette @ Work

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England, Hertfordshire @ home. Yay for summer holidays! :)

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USA LA Shreveport @ Work ... hi gooch

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Here's a list from a previous question about locations,

Right now im @ work

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USA, IL, Chicago @home

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united states, new York city, Westside yard babbbbbbbby!

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USA, New Jersey, Teaneck, Home/ Work

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Hi Gooch! Lafayette, LA USA

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to answer your question, I fluctuate between charlotte NC and columbia SC for work
and I'm at home in between those two.

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san rafael, california at home (house-sit)

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Eugene, Oregon.. I am at home right now.

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Huntington beach, CA, at home.

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IN, Monticello @ home

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Davis, CA in projection booth waiting for my shift to be over, and yes Im using my new Iphone. Thanks for asking :)

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Home in NJ USA

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Hovering between laissez-faire capitalism and misanthropic, enraged despotism.

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San Francisco

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brooklyn, ny by way of central texas

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At home in Birmingham, England.

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Right behind you

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Bergen op Zoom, Netherlands @ home

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I’m at my friend’s house in Davis, California.

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enjoying Prospect.1 in New Orleans

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At home in Melbourne, Australia. Best city in the world! :D

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United States of America
Ash Flat, Arkansas

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