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What is your biggest fear?

Asked by imrainmaker (8339points) July 30th, 2018

Assuming it goes on changing as our life progresses what do you fear the most currently?

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It is a tie between the global resurgence of fascism, and bees.

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That Trump will start world war 3.

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Not being able to function the way I want to and having to live anyway.

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vv getting tongue kissed by Merkel

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A slow and painful death!

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Fear itself.

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My daughter’s death.

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Just to clarify, after I got a very nice PM from @imrainmaker, my daughter is fine. It’s just that her death is my greatest fear. I apologize.

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Outliving my children, my girlfriend and/or my best friends.
I would hate that.

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Dying slowly and in pain.

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Being trapped. Also vivisection is up near the top.

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Me giving in to anxiety and depression one day an doing something I regret.

(But I am afraid of the dark, I need one light on to sleep.)

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being abandoned/alone

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That a disgruntled former member of our housestaff shall feel it neccessary to stalk & attempt to harm me in a way that would make me dead.
That & wasps…fucking loathe wasps!!

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Growing up while my parents are getting older

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Premature Autopsy.

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OUCH^^^^^ that would hurt.

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