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What are some really easy-to-use blog websites?

Asked by bridold (638points) August 19th, 2008

My family wants to keep each other updated with blogs, but there are a lot of people in my family who aren’t very good with computers. What websites offer the easiest blogs?

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Wordpress to the rescue!

Slightly easier, Blogger.

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Tumblr is dead simple and makes it easy to follow people in a way that I don’t think wordpress and blogger do. On the other hand, it’s more for sharing cool things you find on the internet… but it could still work.

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Thank you both! I’ll definitely check all of those out.

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Blogger is the easiest one I’ve found. LiveJournal is my favorite because of the communities, though.

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@MacBean, yeah I use livejournal too.

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I second Livejournal….I use a variation of it (it sounds morbid I know) but I think it’s cool.

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