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Why is the Trump team saying yes to the 3D printing of guns?

Asked by flo (12904points) July 31st, 2018

Edited to add:
Esp. considering this:
“3-D printed guns are functional weapons that are often unrecognizable by standard metal detectors because they are made out of materials other than metal (e.g., plastic) and untraceable because they contain no serial numbers,” the state officials said in the lawsuit. “Anyone with access to the CAD files and a commercially available 3-D printer could readily manufacture, possess, or sell such a weapon.”
Latest news about it:

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3D printed guns are not a thing, you can print parts of guns but not the whole thing. The closest you can get is one with all plastic parts and a metal firing pin. I don’t know who would want such a thing, it’s clearly a publicity stunt.
That would be on the border of what is currently legal anyway. They are legal despite what the Trump administration is saying because they at least have to have a metal firing pin and hence would be detectable with a metal detector. My concern with 3d printing gun parts is there is not currently a good way to ensure quality and safety of anything coming off a 3d extrusion printer. Metal printers are an industrial process and you won’t find anyone doing that in their basement anytime soon. It would be easier to machine a gun and that tech has been around as long as guns have. The “threat of 3d printed guns ” is sensationalism.

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More unregistered guns—- must have been an NRA idea,

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I think it’s a fantastic way to make it easier for terrorists to kill Americans. The NSA (hi guys) can read every American’s email, listen to their phone calls, etc, on the 1 in a billion chance that it might have something tangentially related to terrorism (completely shitting all over the Constitution), and yet we’re going to publish plans so anyone with a 3d printer and a few metal parts (which can likely be disguised as something benign like a pen) can build an arsenal that’s impossible to trace.

These files should be treated like kiddie porn, or nuclear secrets. Give it 10 years and these fucking things will be more reliable than anything you can buy on the shelves.

God bless America. Stupid fucking rednecks.

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I don’t think it’s worth making extra-illegal. I don’t think metal detectors are particularly helping out safety, except maybe from some incompetent violent people. If someone decides to 3D-print a gun, I expect they’ll likely hurt themselves, or be caught and stopped and punished about the same whether sneaking weapons someplace weapons are already illegal using a plastic weapon is an extra level of illegal, or not.

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He’s kissing the ass of the NRA. But it also makes the stupidity of plastic make-at-home guns so much more apparent.

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Even if there are a few metal parts that is easy enough to get around. I could tuck in a firing pin and a few springs into a music box and have it look legit. Assemble the parts in the bathroom.

And really. It has only been a few hours and already I have thought about uploading some “structurally unsound” plans for the guns. I won’t.. But somebody better at autocad might be having the same idea.

It will be like pirating software where you have to read to comments to make sure the file doesn’t have a virus.

GUNLOVER69 commented on 9/16/2018:
File seemed alright until I tried using it. Now I only have six fingers and 80K in medical bills.. AVOID

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The NRA will eventually come out against these weapons because they are the mouthpiece of weapons manufacturers and this circumvents said manufacturers. And, once the NRA says no, Trump will say no because otherwise he will not get any of that Russian money the NRA is so fond of slinging around to those brown-nosed sycophants who toe the line.

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According to wikipedia under half of the revenue for the NRA is from membership dues. I would assume the rest is from gun makers. They appear to mask it calling it stuff like advertising. Maybe that is Ruger buying ads in their magazines and tv shows instead of outright donations.

So think about it. If I can buy a makerbot and print a gun I don’t need to get that Ruger.

Except 3D printed guns are shit. And nobody wanting a Ruger is going to go .. 3d.. good enough.

Until they are good enough. Then the N.R.A will change their tone real fast.

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I thought I heard that this new design doesn’t require any metal. That would mean someone would still have to hide bullets. The design mentioned is also supposedly a single shot weapon. These “guns,” will not be changing street crime, any time soon.
I also hear that the printers cost like $12,000. With that money, one could more easily circumvent gun control laws and acquire an actual weapon.

Where I do see problems are a potential assassin using one, or a group of terrorists so they could hijack something.

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Street criminals usually get busted for shit way before they murder someone.

Maybe we just toss you in jail with a minimum mandatory of 10 years if you posses one. It works a treat for cocaine in Texas.

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@MrGrimm888 :: I just renewed my library card last week. The lady was touting the new tech lab they have at the library including things like 3D printers.

Found the website for it..

Actually that is pretty fucking cool and I am so very happy to pay taxes for it.

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Well… I don’t know…..

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Extrusion printers are cheap but only a jackass would try printing a full gun like I linked. That is, unless they feel like pulling shards of plastic out of their arms and face for days with a pair of tweezers.

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Any time you see Trump’s name in the New York Times, you can bet on the story being fake.
The NYT was the main PRINT media of fake news. I lost all credibility in the NYT in 2017.

Even stories that have a mediocrity of truth about Trump usually fly another way with it.

Trump would definitely NOT be for the manufacture of guns. The coup d’tat efforts in this country, the terrorists and terrorist gangs, Trump’s support for the NRA, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, and local law enforcement (his support for them and their support for him)—all of these agencies strongly oppose, and are made vulnerable, by the 3D printing of guns, and all of these things fly in the face of the idea that Trump supports the 3D printing of guns.

The NYT story is fake. But I hope the rant helped you deal with some issues.and stress.

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Are you guys assuming that 3-D printing technology will never improve?

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There isn’t much else they can legally do.

The second amendment says you can keep and bear (carry) arms. It doesn’t say which ones. Therefore it might be subject to regulation.

Tell the chicken shit legislature to do something about it.

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And speaking of rants @Yellowdog…...

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FWIW I would believe the word of the NYT over Trump any day. Hell, InfoWars has more credibility than Trump.

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Perhaps you should look at motive, then.

Why would the NRA, ICE, law enforcement, want manufactured guns out there? How would this interfere with the mission of police? ICE? if anyone could manufacture an untraceable gun?

THINK. Always think.

With all that’s going on in the world and with national events, why would the White House or Trump even be involved with this? Why hasn’t Fox News or the top conservative Radio talk shows commented on this? How many true stories about Trump have come out of the New York Times? Have even half been true?

Wouldn’t terrorists, drug runners, gangs, anti-Trump rioters, anti-law-enforcement gangs and individuals, jihadists, etc etc. want the right to manufacture untraceable weapons?

If you cannot discern fake news then you should learn to think critically about who would profit most, or find a motive, for the ridiculous claim.

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STILL ranting???

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Because he is pandering to his base?
Because more gun deaths means more fuel for the prison industrial complex, more militarisation of the pigs, and increased oppression of minorities, and one more step on the road to the dreamt of and desired far right fascist police state?

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Sounds like A PLAN !

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NRA supports the ammunition (bullet makers not just gun makers) more bullets for more revenue and dead/maimed bodies.

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Maybe we could let Eugene from TWD make all those guns… problem solved.

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