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Have you ever lost teeth in a fight?

Asked by josie (30931points) July 31st, 2018

If so, how did you replace them?
I mean, not that they can be replaced but how did you fill in the space?

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Nope. Never been in a serious fight since grade school. Got some bloody lips in martial arts classes in recent years. Honestly wanted worse for bragging rights.

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Nah. The closest personal example was losing some front teeth in grade school when another student lost control of a jump rope on the playground. It wrapped around my ankles and my mouth hit the pavement. The secondary teeth eventually grew out.

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Broke a tooth while skateboarding. I was poor so they just yanked it. It it still just a hole in the back of my mouth.

This was twenty years ago and the dentist said my teeth would drift. But they didn’t. I don’t doubt the dentist. Maybe I just got lucky.

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Haven’t lost any teeth, in a fight. I’ve had them.knocked around though. One of my front teeth turned almost black once. The dentist said the tooth died, and would likely fall out eventually. It slowly turned back to normal color.

Most of the guys I know that lost teeth in fights would get nice “grills,” if they were front teeth.

There are new ways to get implants now. I don’t know much about them. But I’ve seen them advertised. Looks like they essentially place a nut in your gums (probably feels great) and screw a tooth into it…

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Have not lost any teeth in a fight, but i did in a gummy bear.

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I just got an implant. They say if it doesn’t fail in the first few months its good for 15 years. Not bad. Have to keep it super clean.
Better than the little plastic thing I used for years.

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I guess it would be nice to just keep it out, until you have to be somewhere nice. Or maybe that’s worse.

I have an old surgery issue in my mouth, from wisdom teeth removal. It gets infected constantly. I have to keep it super clean, or it swells and gets nasty. It’s a bitch…

Best way to prevent future amateur dental work, is to stay out of fights. Yes. Easier said than done.

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I once visited a friend who was missing a front tooth. He told me it got knocked out by a dresser while he was moving his GF.
I saw him again awhile later and his tooth was back in place.
He told me that he super glued it back in.
The next time I saw him it was gone again.
He told me he “ate” it.
I didn’t laugh at all. Nope. No laughing

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