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Is pork belly pre-cooked in Canada?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (13512points) August 3rd, 2018

My family belives that all pork in Canada is pre-cooked. Are they right? I bought five slices. Would like to know how to cook it. I am thinking of using the electric frying pan at 350 0Celsius for until it looks good to eat. I have an electric battery powered meat thermometer that I just found and don’t know how to use buried in somewhere that I don’t want to use.

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Not all pork is pre-cooked. Pork chops, tenderloins, ribs, shoulder pork, all require cooking.

Pork Belly is also known as bacon. It needs to be cooked, eveif it is cured.

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Smoked and cured doesn’t always mean cooked. @zenvelo is right. It is like bacon and it needs to be cooked. I like mine chopped, pre-fried a bit and then put in a nice thick pea soup.

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Are you talking about “Canadian Bacon?”

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By the way, 350 Celsius is too hot for cooking anything. That would burn the outside while the inside stays raw. Bacon is recommended to cook over medium heat.

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@zenvelo Sorry it should be Fahrenheit 350.

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Will update Fluther after I cook it. Might be up to 3 months until I get desperate enough to try some.

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