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What percentage of songs are about sex?

Asked by Dutchess_III (40385points) August 4th, 2018

You can break it down along any lines you want, rock and roll, country, classical, male artists, female artists. How many songs do you think are inspired by sex or the possibility of having sex?

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How on earth would you figure
out an answer to that one? I only think we men are programmed to dwell on the topic far more frequently than women.

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It started due to a discussion on FB about Mungo Jerry’s “Summertime.” The women were saying that it was so sexist because it’s says things like, “You got women, you got women, you got women on your mind.” Men always have women on their mind!
They also took issue with the lines, “If her daddy’s rich take her out for a meal, if her daddy’s poor just do what you feel.”
I said, “The words rhyme! That’s as far as that goes, IMO.” Plus Most songs are about sex, anyway! What’s so special about this one? (PS, I never even knew the actual words of the “If her daddy’s poor…” lyrics, until today. I still think they simply rhyme and that’s why they work.)

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Soul music, 90%
Country western, 10%
Country pop, 70%
Male, 70%
Female, <10%
Classical, 0%
Rap, >80%
Blues >60%
Country trucker >50%
Rock 50%
All results are off the cuff and on the spot estimates without regard to any political or scientific resources.

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Very interesting @kritiper. My thoughts are along those same lines only I think Rock is more like 70% and females is more like <5%. I think women sing about the love part, the emotional part.

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LOL! This site says 92% of Billboard Top 10 songs are about sex! That was in 2009, anyway. Don’t know how trustworthy that site is, though.

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Mozart wrote a piece about licking the inside if his anus.

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Many pop singers sing about sex the entire tracklist of an album. So I’m guessing in the millions

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There’s an interesting analysis here looking at sex and love songs since 1960.

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