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Can anyone suggest any Gospel Soul music artists like Cece Winans?

Asked by Yellowdog (6139points) August 4th, 2018

I’ve always liked the sound of Disco and Soul music from artists like Donna Summer, Thelma Houston, the early Pointer Sisters. Mostly late ‘70s stuff

Even so, Back in the day I never really got much into black GOSPEL music (really liked Kirk Franklin back in 1997 however)

Recently I heard the golden voice of Cece Winans’ “You are Never Alone” and ordered several CDs by her.

I know there are probably not many aficionados of soul music or gospel music on Fluther, but can anyone suggest anything?

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Back in the day, I quite liked the band “E Nomine”.
Here is one of their works

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I have to say, the very best gospel I ever heard was a couple of women in Dallas who were not professional singers.

Have you checked YouTube for possibilities?

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Bebe Winans & Andre Crouch are 2 who come to my mind!!! Even some of Aretha Franklin’s work would be so classified. Precious Lord Take My Hand was one of her heartfelt songs that might fit your needs & I’m sure she had more of them.

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