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What are your thoughts on the Kiki challenge going viral over the internet?

Asked by imrainmaker (8339points) August 5th, 2018

Here’s related link for reference

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I think we see Darwin at work.

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I’m with @seawulf575 on this.
I’m sorry for their loved ones, but please continue Kiki on, and rid humanity of stupidity.

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@seawulf575 You’re using the name of Darwin wrong.

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I think the girl didn’t learn anything about her stupid actions. She states that she was “just doing some little challenge that everyone else is doing and I’m the one that gets majorly hurt.”
It’s a stupid and dangerous thing to do.

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Not as bad as the guy who got killed trying to find out if a phone book can stop a bullet from a Desert Eagle.

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It makes me wonder what parents are teaching their kids now days??? My parents pretty much managed to cover every stupid idea that I could imagine & instilled in me to just say NO!!!

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I agree with @seawulf575. I guess they weren’t allowed to suffer many consequences as kids so they think they can’t be hurt.

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Just another way of thinning the herd.

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If you check the related story you’ll find celebs like Obj /Will Smith doing the crazy stuff. Don’t you think they have a responsibility to stop their followers / admirers from doing such stuff rather than encouraging them by such acts?

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What is the Shiggy?

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It’s a quicker way to die than smoking or drinking, and less addictive than heroin.

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I know they can’t / won’t be held accountable but it does help in spreading such madness.

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Culling the herd.

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The Shiggy.. What is so dangerous about it?

“While there is sadly no step-by-step guide available to mastering the move, if you listen closely enough to the song’s lyrics then it’s pretty easy to work out.
For instance, you make a heart sign with your hands when Drake sings “do you love me?”
Swiftly followed by a movement which resembles driving a car when he asks “are you riding?” and then some finger-wagging to “say you’ll never ever leave.”

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Teens have been doing stupid shit since the beginning of time. We are just hearing about it more.

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@Dutchess_III – looks like you’re ready for the challenge..))~

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Um yes. Yes I am. I don’t think it’s life threatening and I won’t throw out my back….will I?

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Bemoaning the judgement of teenagers is a futile exercise. I don’t think we appreciate just how fraught with risk and downright dangerous those few years are for the kids and anyone involved with them. The miracle is that a substantial number emerge from the experience seemingly intact.

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What @raum said. Teens are stupid. I know I was. Though I wasn’t this stupid. :D

While I do agree that all generations face these same issues with short-sighted teenagers, I do think that the internet allows the more rapid spread of stupid actions and thus we may not just be hearing about them more, but may actually be experiencing them more.

Human nature hasn’t changed, but inhibitions may be lowered with the advent of social media.

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@Dutchess_III I hate to break it to uyou; but IF you do some of the moves that girl did at the beginning of the video, YES your back will be going out & you might not EVER be able to walk again!!! ;) LoL

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Statistically insignificant human losses. Still more deaths occurring as a result of lack of basic healthcare.

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I think some of them are funny, like the country guy and the senior couple.

And it’s keke not kiki I believe.

I wouldnt do it but it seems harmless unless you’re an idiot. Better than snorting condoms and eating Tide pods.

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The alcohol challenge & the hanging challenge concern me the most because young kids are trying those hoping to be cool.

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As my son pointed out, the Kiki challenge is white kids finally learning about ghost riding the whip 13 years after the hood went through that.

Just as stupid now as then.

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@zenvelo Neah. Maybe they called it something different, but plenty of white kids jumping out of cars when I was a teen 25 years ago. We’d do Chinese fire drills with a car in neutral.

And, honestly, it wasn’t even that big of a deal. Kind of crazy that someone who had taken dance for some many years was that clumsy. Did you see how slow the car is going?

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