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What is your favorite type of campfire and why ?

Asked by joab (169points) August 7th, 2018

I think there are 4 or 5 types.

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I know of only three: wood, charcoal, and duraflame type composite.

Of the three, I prefer a wood campfire.

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A campfire uses wood so wood.

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I never knew any type other than wood. My favourite campfire is the one you leave with no sign it was ever there. We were taught to do this in the scouts.

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I enjoy seeing some of the fire pits that others create. Some of them are masters of engineering. My own fire pits had the center fire for people to gather around, then off spokes to hold the grills for cooking.

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One with my family around it.

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One with my old group of friends in Rocky Mountain National Park.

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My son made this when we went camping last week. Got bacon and camp coffee on the fire. Good stuff Maynard.

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When I am camping I prefer not to use campfires at all. I don’t like how the sparks fly into the air and I prefer to light adjust my eyes so I can look at the stars.

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I usually just bring a wood stove and set it on fire.

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Doesn’t that get a bit heavy @Yellowdog?

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You can’t burn them indoors. Pretty worthless if you ask me. Why would they make a stove out of wood?

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The firepit I built and my wife decorated with plants and gnomes and fairies and stuff.
As far as types, I’m not sure what you mean. I like wood fires, I like to start them with primitive tools. The sight and smell is instant relaxation for me.

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Yes, I really like starting fires early in the morning using the left over coals and moving from grass and small twigs up to regular logs. Then arrange everything so it’s ready for the coffee pot and the cast iron skillet and I’m good to go before Rick even wakes up.

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One that burns all night. Large chunks of anthracite work well for this.

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I usually cover the fire at night with a grating and throw twigs on the coals in the morning also so I can smell it while I sip my coffee.

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My son made this when we went camping last week. Got bacon and camp coffee on the fire.

A few years ago I broke the coffee maker carafe one Sunday morning, so I put the aluminum camping percolator on the stove.

The apartment smelled like a campfire from the char burning off. It was wonderful.

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If your campfire isn’t wood you found on the ground or chopped from a tree you are glamping.

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Actually, when I go camping, I use wood. Therefore, one tool I take camping is a chainsaw.

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One neat trick is to score the underside of a log. When you’re ready to leave the fire, put the log, scored side down, on the fire. It slowly smolders all night and viola! Instant fiya in the mornings!

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