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Does anyone here have personal experience with CBD (cannabidiol)?

Asked by canidmajor (13738points) August 8th, 2018

Do you, or a close friend or family member have experience using CBD for medicinal purposes? I’m talking about the stuff with super low or zero percentage of THC.
What for and what form? Was it effective? Were there side effects? Personal accounts only, please, I can research the substance itself just fine on my own.

General question, I don’t want stories of how you got high in college.

Thank you.

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I got my mother (65 yrs old w/ cancer) one of several things, and she only felt benefits from the cream/ oil for her arthritis on her hands. She said the edibles were all right, but basically nothing a xanax wouldn’t do, as far as relaxing her.

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Yeah, I took it on a couple of occasions (to ease anxiety related symptoms), but other than a foul taste it didn’t bring me much.
Well, a smaller wallet.
My girlfriend, though, swore by it.
So yeah, I guess it depends.
Can’t hurt, I would think, to give it a try once (not a doctor, though, me).
Be sure to educate yourself a bit on dosage and mg’s.
Some retailers throw numbers around to lure people, since it’s a booming market.

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I know several people who use it and swear it has helped them tremendously. It’s very popular where I live. I’ve never tried it.

The way I understood it they use it topically. Maybe they take pills too? I’m unclear about that.

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@JLeslie There is non-THC smokeables, edibles, creams, and oils, that’s about all I saw. The cream is $60 a jar for a few ounces here in Missouri.

I tried an edible and fell into a deep sleep almost immediately, but I don’t have sleeping issues or pain, so basically it did the same thing a .5 xanax would do- knocked me out, not even any fun.

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My daughter is handicapped due to a bad back. She is in pain 24/7. She swears by the stuff (I think she takes it orally, mixed with juice or something) but I’m not certain myself. I just find it hard to believe that cannabis has all those magical properties.

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Not “magical”, @Dutchess_III, a lot of pharmaceuticals still have a botanical base.

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@rebbel, what was she taking it for?

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So I tried it for the first time today. Swelling and pain in joints has reduced dramatically, and my sinus issues have dialed waaaay back.
Not a bad start.

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