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How do you feel about crucifixion?

Asked by Caravanfan (2614points) August 8th, 2018

Saudi Arabia crucifies someone amidst a diplomatic spat with Canada over Canada’s human rights record. Yes, you read that correctly.

How do you feel about Saudi Arabia in general, and crucifixion as a capital punishment in particular?

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It makes me cross.

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Of course it’s disgusting, and I never understood showing Jesus on the cross in paintings on walls, statues, and jewelry pendants as a decoration.

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You are asking a bunch of questions jumbled into one.

Crucifixion – I’m for it. We should use it in the US. If we’re going to have capital punishment in this country, why not make the person suffer? Why should a mass murderer be executed in an electric chair? Or with drugs? That’s too clean. If you do a heinous crime, then the government should kill you just as heinously. Why are we so damned wimpy about these things?

As for Saudi Arabia – just when you think they are moving into the modern world, they do this. It doesn’t help their stature as a civilized country.

However, it is their government and their culture, and it’s pretty damned arrogant of Americans to pass judgment.

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Saudi Arabia is gorgeous, I’d love to visit. Heard its expensive.

If you wanted me to vote to crucify pedophiles and rapists, perhaps, but not big on death penalties.

@JLeslie It’s the power of his suffering, for OUR sins. Much like I imagine Jewish people feel about the camps and genocide. To remember and respect.

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@elbanditoroso I take it you are a cultural relativist?

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So uncivilised.
Can they not just poison them, gas them, decapitate them, electrocute them, impale them, burn them at the stake, draw and quarter them, or skin them alive, like western civilisation liked/likes to kill their prisoners?
Wait, what do you mean they stole that from the Romans?

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@KNOWITALL We don’t put pictures of suffering in our houses like that. I know not all Christians do it either. When I think about what I like about my religion it has nothing to do with that we have been tortured and enslaved and treated unfairly of and on for thousands of years. Although, I will say that the opresssion causes more unity and loyalty in some respects.

I’d much rather identify with Judaism for the wonderful things I associate with my religion, not the horrors.

Jesus had a nice message. No matter how he had died it would have beeen a nice message. Why does God require Him to suffer in that way? I don’t like it. It’s a part of the religion that I reject. All the horrific suffering people endure. It diminishes my belief in God, it doesn’t increase it. Same with a virgin young girl having to birth a baby. Can you imagine your first time you have something in your vagina it’s a baby? That’s terrifying. Judaism also has things I don’t like, I’m not trying to pick on Christianity, I’m just speaking to the crucifuxion and skeletal people in concentration camps.

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@JLeslie No, I get it. I specifically learned why some use the ‘gory’ cross because I was curious. I was raised Baptist, we used plain crosses.

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@KNOWITALL I should say I think crosses are beautiful. The first time I saw a depiction of Jesus on the cross I found it disconcerting. I didn’t know the story then of Him being crucified.

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@JLeslie Hey you altered your response while I was writing.

Christians believe Yeshua / Jesus lived a perfect life and willingly went to the cross to die in atonement for our sin—that is the only reason Christians edify the empty cross. Its the same representation of the early Jewish practice of the sacrifice of the Passover lamb
I realize you knew that. Christ was willing to take that pain and suffering himself for the sin of the world. He gave His life for us. It is a reminder to live our lives for him.

The Christians’ hope is in the resurrection, the empty tomb, however, and I don’t understand either the making an effigy of a crucified Christ, Other than that, its just a symbol of Christianity. If a cross is on a building you know its a church and that’s about it.

As far as capitol punishment goes, we humanely euthanize our pets for under a hundred bucks. I don’t think we need to spend more than that on a person. I think the electric chair and gas chambers make a lot more sense, or lethal injection. If it hurts a little or a person coughs or experiences chest pains, these are only minor things compared to death itself.

Crucifixion has no place in modern society where death can be achieved more humanely—crucifixion is intended to cause hours of pain and suffering. I DO think capital punishment deters people from committing capital crimes.

Life is a precious enough thing that to take someone’s life can only be paid for with one’s own. No one can ‘forgive’ a crime committed against someone else. And if that person has been murdered, no one else can forgive the murderer.

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I think it’s barbaric.

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It and beheading are prety high up there on ways I don’t want to die.

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Please describe in detail: Being nailed or just tied??

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It isn’t as messy as beheading, but it is probably more painful for the person being punished.

Thank goodness for the Eighth Amendment.

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@zenvelo Oh didn’t you hear? That was revoked.

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It’s interesting how the US seems to always wants to pick a bad guy in the Middle East EXCEPT for the one that is truly the worst-Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia is the world’s largest source of money for and promoter of Salafist jihadism, which is the ideology of the Taliban, Al-Qaeda, ISIS, and others. Osama Bin Laden was Saudi. So were 15 of the 19 hijackers on 9/11. Saudi media recently broadcast a picture of an airplane flying toward buildings in Toronto in a veiled threat during a dispute over human rights.

Freedom House consistently ranks the Saudi government as among the worst violators on earth of political and civil rights.

Human slave and sex trafficking in Saudi Arabia is unmatched on Earth.

Most civilized people are well aware of the systematic oppression, and abuse of women and Shia Muslims in Saudi Arabia.

A quote from Human Rights Watch-”...Saudi authorities in 2018 continued to arbitrarily arrest, try, and convict peaceful dissidents. Dozens of human rights defenders and activists are serving long prison sentences for criticizing authorities or advocating political and rights reforms. Authorities systematically discriminate against women and religious minorities. In 2017, Saudi Arabia carried out 146 executions, 59 for non-violent drug crimes”

The list of Saudi human rights abuses is too long to take up a thread. But it is well documented by Amnesty International, and documents from the Dept. of State.

So, crucifixion. No surprise at all. They also stone people in addition to their routine public decapitations. One of the worst places on Earth. I cannot wait for the day that the US and our trading partners are able to tell them once and for all what they can do with their oil.

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@josie Word. Well said. I agree with you completely.

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I think the punishment should fit the crime.

I’m guessing crucifixion wouldn’t fit most crimes.

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I find the death penalty, in any of its many variations, heinous.

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Still waiting: Nailed or tied?

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Nailed, or tied, wouldn’t make much difference. The positioning, is what makes it so awful…

What are my thoughts on it? I’m not surprised. Yet another example of religion, being the biggest evil of humanity…

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@kritiper The fact that this makes a difference to you is concerning.

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This wasn’t a Roman execution it was comparatively humane. The perpetrator was beheaded with a sword and then his body put on public display as a warning to others. It is barbaric but not what we usually understand by crucifixion.

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@flutherother I didn’t realize he was beheaded first. That is different than being nailed to a cross to be left to die.

I remember when I was kid, I’m going back almost 40 years, a neighbor was telling me about how much he liked Saudi, I don’t remember if he lived there for a while, or just was there a lot. He liked the women and he said no one steals, you can leave a $20,000 necklace out, and no one will take it, because if you’re caught stealing they chop your hand off. Even at my young age I thought to myself, what if you’re wrongly accused, or an action is misunderstood, and I didn’t have a full understanding of legal systems at the time, I just somehow knew that risk was horrifying.

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@Caravanfan It may not be of significance to me but it would to one being crucified. How long they were left up there and under what conditions is of significance, also. Three days? Until death occurs? Do they get food and water? But if the person was already dead, then it’s no big deal since it’s just a warning to others, and a darn good warning to boot! I don’t have a problem with it.

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@kritiper Don’t you think they’d be more concerned about the ‘excruciating’ pain (that’s the origin of the word ‘excruciating) or being unable to breathe / dying of asphyxiation—than they’d care about getting good meals and drink?

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Hanging there with nails through your hands and feet compared to hanging there with your arms tied to the cross bar would make a difference to me. Getting a drink or food was an example of possible treatment, not a point of precise contention.

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@kritiper Death by crucifixion doesn’t happen because they are left without food or water. They die by asphyxiation. The weight of the body pulling down on the arms makes it difficult to breathe.

Being nailed versus bound would affect whether or not they bleed out through the wounds. Though are we debating which is worse between bleeding out or prolonged asphyxiation?

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I’m against capital punishment in all forms. Crucifixion is particularly heinous.

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@raum Debate is meaningless since beheading took place before being hung.
And I never said cause of death came from being up there in and by itself. Nail or tie a (living) guy to a cross and leave it lying flat on the ground and the guy will expire at some point. Will he suffer more from being nailed? I think so. But, either way, tied or nailed, it will not be pleasant.

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I assumed you were talking about crucifixion in general.

If you’re discussing the situation where they’re beheaded, whether they have food or water is pretty moot.

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At first I didn’t know they had been beheaded, so it seemed that it would matter if they were nailed or tied, not to imply that death occurred for any other reason or if they were left up there for an undetermined amount of time, or under what other circumstances.

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@kritiper Okay, then, how do you feel about beheading?

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@Caravanfan No problem! About as painful (and quick) as being executed by hanging, being shot by firing squad, or lethal injection. It would probably be even better if a very large stone was dropped on your head instead. Just messy, though…

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Messy indeed.

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Well. Beheadings can be messy too. Some people are “gushers.”...

Seriously though, I hear a head lives for like 8–10 seconds, if removed quickly. That’s a pretty awful thought…

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