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It is now day 10 of my period. Why won't it stop?

Asked by FlutheringBlonde (333points) August 8th, 2018

I’m 47 years old and my periods have always been regular. The first two days I have heavy bleeding, then the next two to three days is very light then over with. This period started as usual but on day 6 I developed a moderate flow. It’s day 10 now and it doesn’t show signs of letting up. It’s still moderate. I have never experienced anything like this.

What’s going on?

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Welcome to perimenopause. Heavy and or prolonged menses are a frequent symptom of the onset.

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Perimenopause. You will miss some months. Others months you will think that you are bleeding to death and then have very light cycles. You will be all over the place before it ends and you go into menopause. It could last a few years or be quick to end. Most people average menopause about 52 years of age, so you may have a few years to go.

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Go to you GYN and get a Pap smear, at least. There may be other things going on as well.

The great shifting hormone event can jump start a few problems. In my case, it was cervical cancer at about that age. For you, probably not, but better to check.

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Agree with above plus if you have been stressed lately, that could really add to the lengthy period.

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Plus heavy consistent bleeding is sometimes fibroids that need removed. My friend just got a total hysterectomy and doc said that eternal bleeding was a first sign for women.

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I had very heavy periods at about that time and it was fibroids. There are ways to have them removed now that don’t necessitate a hysterectomy. I had them cauterized.

Talk to a doctor.

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Same here fibroid s and in a few days normal.It requires day surgery and pain and weak after but in three or four days everything well again.
See a gynecologist to determine if anything else.

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I do know I have fibroids but the GYN who diagnosed me wasn’t helpful. This was 2–3 years ago.

This is all very helpful. Thank you. :)

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@FlutheringBlonde I’d go have it checked out.

My friends fibroids got tangled up with a muscle on one side, then her bladder on the other. It can get serious.

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My sister had crazy heavy periods. To the point where she was concerned about how much blood she was losing.

Found out it was fibroids. Scheduled for surgery to have them removed.

Decided to also take tumeric. Right before surgery they noticed that the fibroids had reduced drastically in size to the point that they no longer needed to remove them.

My neighbor also took tumeric for her fibroids with great results.

Definitely follow up with your doctor. But for the time being, I’d try tumeric.

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It’s still going on and the flow is getting heavier. I’m on day 12 now. I’m going to make an appointment for this coming week. It’s Saturday now. My husband wonders if I should see someone sooner? Surely there’s nothing the ER could do, right? I have no energy to get things done. I just want to rest, and stop bleeding. ugh

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@FlutheringBlonde I think it’s worth going to the ER. Let them tell you if there’s nothing they can do but it’s worth getting looked at now.

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@Futhering yes do go! My friend lost so much blood she needed a transfusion. Lack of energy is a bad sign.

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@FlutheringBlonde Update us when you can.

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Thanks for the help and concern. I’m taking vitamins and eating foods high in iron. Still bleeding. I’m calling a GYN in the morning.

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