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Have you ever had to euthanize a four legged friend?

Asked by Strauss (20488points) August 8th, 2018

Today, sadly, I accompanied my sister to the vet to euthanize her 18 year old shepherd mix. I was glad to do it for her, and although it was a very sad experience, it was by no means the first time I ever had to witness this.

I had to do the same to for our family pet a little over a year ago, and about a year earlier, a friend had asked me to go along with her for the same reason.

For some reason, I have always been the one to do this, or to accompany someone else for support. The problem is that it never gets any easier.

It’s always heartbreaking. Every pet animal I have helped with termination was either a pet or a work animal with whom I had forged some sort of emotional bond. Most of them were dogs, a few were cats, and one was a mule.

Anyone else seem to be the “go-to” in your family or circle of friends for these events?


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Two cats and one dog in the last five years. However, it isn’t something we have vets do in my family.

The animals did see a vet and we knew it was the only option. But we go with a bullet and a shovel.

I’m glad we can’t downvote here.

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I worked as an EMT at an emergency veterinary hospital, for like 9 years. As a large male working with mostly females, I was the one who typically had to help with euthanasias. I had to carry the dead animal to our freezer. I had to bad them, and log them. Not fun….

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I am 64 and often in my life have had multiple dogs and cats, so yes. Often. I have rescued older an8mals as well, which bumps up the numbers.
It gets easier to read the signs and tell when it should happen, but it never gets easier to make the actual decision.

Because of my experience (and maternal demeanor, perhaps?) I am often called to at least supply sympathy/empathy to people for these events.

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Oh yes. Just had to put our Border Collie, Dutchess, to sleep a few months ago. That was especially hard as she was pretty young, and still full of energy, but she had a very agressive throat cancer that was making it hard for her to breath. She couldn’t bark, either.

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3 dogs, several cats. In all cases, it was the for the best.

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