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What's the best kind of dog for a 13 year old?

Asked by tj1317 (22points) August 19th, 2008 from iPhone

I have a choice to get any type of dog as long as I pay for it I would like a dog that is playful at times but calm at others

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How about a Whippet?

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Do you live in city, suburbs, rural area? We are rural and everybody has either labs or setters (who seem to be able to drive pick-up trucks). My best friend has three springer spaniels who are half-sibs. They are sweet and friendly but need room to romp and chase squirrels.

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city but big backyard

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Depends on the size you want. My favorite dog if you want a big one is a Lab, and if you want a small one get a Welsh Corgi.

Awesomely happy dogs.

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How much are you looking to pay for the dog?

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large and about up to 900

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Get a Lab. Awesome dogs, love kids, can be very relaxed if you train them well, and they love to swim and pay fetch.

And you get to pick from three colors!

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Have you looked at a shelter? There are SO many dogs there and also rescues! You would not believe the number of pure breds, if that is what you truly want.

What is your son like? What’s his temperment, activity level? What is your family life, like? Are you on the go, a lot? What is his responsibility level like?

There is more than just picking the dog – you need to consider your family and what kind of time they have for a dog – big or small!

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Labs need a lot of upbringing – they are pups in behavior for nearly 4 years, so if you are not willing to spend a lot of time in training it might not be a good choice. They are great dogs if you do have the time and energy for training. I think Goldens are great famiy dogs and most seem to be fairly docile. Most dogs will be fairly playful and energetic when young. Springer spaniels and Brittany spaniels are very high energy and need a lot of exercise. If you do buy a dog that’s a breed (rather than from a shelter), make sure you get one from a reputable breeder and notfrom a puppy mill, i.e., ones that are availabe at a pet store.

The AKC Book of Dogs gives you a rundown on the viarious breeds and what their needs might be. There are no doubt many other books on choosing a dog at your local library.

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I second the suggestion of the shelter. Unless you’re prepared for potty training, obedience training, chewing, barking, vaccinating, neutering, and so on, an adult animal will allow for a close and loving relationship without all of the trauma of puppyhood.

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I have an 11 month golden retriever. She is super smart and really fun. I have taught her lots of tricks. She loves to chase a frisbee and swimming. She is sweet and affectionate. If you can spend a lot of time with a dog I would get a golden. I have adopted several dogs and that is always a good way to go too. You feel really good when you go to a shelter and all the dogs are begging you to take them home then you pick one and save its life

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IMO, it is crazy for a 13-year-old to consider spending $900 on a dog. That’s real money. There are a lot of wonderful dogs at the shelter—get one of those.

If you insist on buying a purebred, I vote for the golden retriever.

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Have your mother or dad go with you to pick out a dog. They need to like it too, because guess who will be taking care of it when you go off to school someday?
But here is my answer to your question. (Look at a local pound or shelter, too!)

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I would go with a Lab or an Australian shepherd they are really smart.
Chesapeake Bay Retrieveris a good dog if our an outdoor person. Or if you want a REALLY big dog Mastiff would be good. Vizsla are good again if your an active outdoors person and is easy to train also.

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Mastiff’s are great, but not for a 13 year old. They are very difficult dogs to train and to live with.

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Whippets are like cats that can go 35 mph! Seriously, they’re very affectinate, easy to train, and as long as you let them run around like crazy every once in a while, they’re total couch potatos!

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I was going to make a suggestion, but I already saw this earlier today. I’m guessing you already got a dog. Am I right?

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not yet but thinking about eathier a golden or lab

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