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What kind of medical condition does my sister have?

Asked by Leanne15 (331points) August 9th, 2018

I was told on my other thread about my sister and her zipping issue that she may have a medical condition or disability because she does not know when she is cold, she could be shivering and her hands etc be frozen yet she still would not know? Also what are the cures or what should we do or keep an eye out for?

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This is a place to start. If nothing else, it offers coping mechanisms, and ways you can help her start exploring her body.

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I think a neurologist is in her future.

As I think about this, try blindfolding her, and pop some ice in her mouth. Does she know what it is? How? Then try it with something crunchy (to mix it up). Then with hot water, then sweet, etc. Do the same on other parts of her body, hot, cold, rough, smooth, etc. Then, just to experiment, have her do it on you. She will start to learn that her body doesn’t work the way yours does. It’s good information to take to a neurologist.

I found this.

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I used to run around barefoot in extremely high temps in the summer and cold temps in winter when I was a kid and it didn’t bother me. It sure upset my mom though. Kids don’t worry about these things.

I’m sure your sister is fine. I think the suggestion that she has a medical condition is a bit over the top.

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This has clearly become a battle issue. The solution is to buy a zipless parka that she has to pull over her head.

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(Edited) I agree, to a point. But if there IS a problem, it’s best to find out early.

I have a lousy sense of smell. Then I learned something that helped me to understand part of why I am the way I am. The sense of smell is governed by opposite sides of the brain, the same way that the right hand is managed by the left side, and the left is managed by the right side.

So, if you were to blindfold me and pass a random smell, say, lemon oil, under my left nostril, and then, telling me you had another scent, but pass the same under the right, I would give you two completely different answers as to what they were. The brain is truly a unique and often mysterious organ.

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@janbb, this is a school issued jacket though, and she uses it for her everyday life too as she likes the colour of it.

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Too bad.

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Would it be too bad if she started taking a tantrum!?

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It’s too bad that she takes a tantrum so often and so easily.

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Leave my poor sister alone, the question I asked was about her possible medical issue not her tantrums etc!

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I would have your Mom or Dad discuss whether there is any medical issue when they take her for a check-up and meanwhile just zipper her jacket for her until it is not such an issue. I don’t think any of us can tell if there is a medical issue or not but I understand that someone raised the question.

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@janbb exactly. Don’t invent problems, but consider that there may be one, and plan and respond accordingly. In the meantime, carry on.

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@Stache I never wore shoes in the summer. A couple of times I’ve run out in the snow barefooted just to see what that felt like, but that didn’t last long. After about 4 seconds my feet couldn’t feel a single thing.

@janbb is right. Since none of us are there to witness the nuances we can’t know if it’s a possible medical issue. It could be, though. @snowberry has some interesting ideas.

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