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Can you make up a REALLY BAD idea for a Movie Remake, Movie Adaptation of a Book or old T.V. show, or movie sequel?

Asked by Yellowdog (6037points) August 10th, 2018

So you’ve been waiting five years for the remake of that 1980s blockbuster to finally come out.

Or, they finally made a MOVIE based on a television series you enjoyed a few years back. Or a REALLY GREAT movie you saw a couple of years ago they now came out with a sequel.

The reviews are bad, like one star—or whatever is the lowest. All the disappointed fans of the original. A few simpletons say it was great, and say it was the best movie ever. But people who are knowledgeable of the original criticize it heavily.

How bad can it be? You think.

Well, it is obvious that whoever wrote or produced this movie had very little understanding of the source material or underlying premise. They added childish and stupid extraneous material and characters, or with ‘creative license’ totally changed the setting, characters, background, into something that seemed to only use the name or reputation of the original.

Whatever the cause, they had little or no understanding of the original or never cracked the book. You REALLY want your money (and time) back, because you feel someone was just capitalizing on fans of the original.

So, what’s your idea? Make one up. Get as outlandish as you want. Anything’s possible in Hollywood.

Its okay if more than one person comes up with a sequel or remake of the same actual movie / book / television program here. And its alright if a remake or sequel, good or bad, has already been made. Just keep it like a really stupid premise for a remake, sequel, or adaptation.

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No, but I can give you a REALLY TERRIFIC idea for a remake:
Der Untergang: Orange

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Make a feature length film based on Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up”.

“Rick Roll The Movie!”

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Remake The Godfather with the Muppets. Oh wait…that actually sounds awesome

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Space Force 1 !!!!

“The Finest Spacenauts Search The Galaxies For Any Possible Form Of Life”
“And Destroy It”

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How about making a slapstick comedy version Of Mice And Men with Adam Sandler as Lenny and Rob Schneider as George? Directed by The Farrelly Brothers

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Also, remake Citizen Kane with Kanye West as Kane. Directed by Rob Cohen

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Anything Jane Austin, but turn it over, so that it’s a Matriarchy that rules the land and not a Patriarchy. Mr Darcy is now at no advantage and perhaps can just express his feelings. It would be over after the first act.

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Okay, I’m having too much fun with this.

Remake Jurassic Park where the lawyer signs off on the park and everything goes according to plan. But the dinosaurs are boring and the park is on the verge of failing financially. It’s a drama about a family trying to keep their business afloat.

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Okay, here’s a really bad idea. A remake of the classic cartoon “The Cat in the Hat”, starring—get this—Mike Myers as the Cat, but instead of the child-friendly humor of the original, fill it with dated pop culture references and sexual innuendos.

Oh wait. This actually happened. :D

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We had Happy Days about the fifties, That 70’s Show, and now we need to herald the 90’s.
Call it, Ending A Millennium.
A nineties family, single mother, occasional live-in potential step fathers who bring with them various kids. Mom has two daughters, 14 and 11. Mom has a cellphone, but this is before kids carry. It is a phone, and displays time, and that is it.
They have a VCR, and sometimes mom sends the oldest daughter to Blockbuster to pick movies that will keep Uncle Whoever’s kids quiet.
Lots of laughs and true to life drama as these three ladies face day to day living in the nineties.
Episode one, mom kicks out man who has weekend custody of his seventeen year old son, and fifteen year old daughter. Fourteen and fifteen year old girls argue over which stuff is whose.
Heartwarming end scene, girls fixed dinner to be ready when mom comes home from work. Group hug. “Don’t worry, Mom, we’ll be fine.”

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@Demosthenes Although out of scope of the question, I kinda agree that some of the actual remakes are worse than anything we can come up with.

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The worst one was the one directed by Clint Eastwood, where he remade “Stolz der Nation”, and replaced Zoller with some other arsehole.

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One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest: Fluthering Heights
Featuring select members here as the whackos, directed by me coz the mad bastards are of course dancing to my tune.

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Remaking Starship Troopers would be a really bad idea.

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The Passion of the Christ 2. The revenge of Jesus and this time he is armed.

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@Demosthenes Funny thanks for a good laugh.

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Gone With the Wind: Hurricane Katrina

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Continuing Disney/JJ-Abrams Star Wars will probably be worse than anything I would come up with… well, unless I tried. Or more of that ridiculous JJ-Abrams-reboot Star Trek.

The premise of this question already has answers in nearly every Hollywood re-hash that has come out in recent decades. It’s like an amazing accomplishment of humanity when a sequel or re-hash/re-boot does not fit this model.

@Caravanfan You know there are several Starship Troopers sequels… the ones I’ve seen were really bad.

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Titanic 2
When Rose threw the Heart Of The Ocean overboard, she was unaware of it’s ability to bring back the dead. Jack’s lifeless corpse is hit by the diamond, and his zombieness seeks out ship survivors for not rescuing him, or at least finding a bigger door to ride.

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Killer Klowns From Outer Space the claymation remake.

Directed by loli
Voices by Miss Peterson’s third grade class
Set design by me

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