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What would you rather have the world taken over by Vampires, Zombies, Werewolves, or shades?

Asked by wrestlemaniac (810points) August 19th, 2008

i would rather have shades, seeing i can blend in well with them, and their cool.

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Some previous answers.

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Zombies seem a little stinky….the others are ok.

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oh, damn uh okay, my bad, but it don’t hurt to ask, right?

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Vampire for sure.

Zombies are brainless and can’t even speak.
Werewolves are hairy and completely unattractive.

Vampires are hot…You get to live forever and hopefully that sleeping in a coffin thing is optional.

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Zombies are terrifying. The popular image of the vampire nowadays is basically just a porn star with fangs, and most of them are complete wusses too. I could could a vampire a mean look and it would die. A zombie would just groan incoherently and eat my ass.

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Vamps, yeah. I could become one and live for centuries. Zombies – forget ‘em. A lobotomized moron is more exciting. Werewolves? Only come out during the full moon, and they’re ordinary, boring people the rest of the time.

A Vamp with shades – yeah, that’s the ticket.

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Vampires. They can’t get in your house or deal with daylight so there are steps you can take to protect yourself. Most things would run as usual—just not at night.

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touche my friend.

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One thing that we are failing to mention here is that most of us would not survive the transition of a world over run with these types of beings.

I would pick zombies. At least then I could live out my days on an oil rig (assuming I could get to one). The others would be able to pretty much destroy humanity in two seconds flat. Out of the four options, a shotgun to the face only works on zombies.

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Ghosts (shades) suck… they can do whatever they want with almost no accountability. There’s nothing you or I could do to stop them. Them: Boooo-o-o-o-o! Me:Aw, shut up!

Zombies can be funny in some ways, but are generally just too messy gross to deal with. Fun with a shotgun, though.

Werebeasts can be alright. I for one would like to have more of a Jack Nicholson edge.

But it’s gotta be Vampires FTW! An established vamp simply exudes coolness in every thing s/he does. Living for hundreds of years, they would acquire a grace in doing the most mundane of things, like simply lifting a glass, that is hard to put into words.

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hey do not insult the shade race, they are not mere ghosts they can steal your soul in a blink and you wouldn’t know they are pure evil. hahahahah.

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I’d go with either Vampires or Werewolves.

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Oh… shades like what almost got Bink early on in A Spell for Chameleon.

Still… practically no accountability. So my point is the same. Easy to dodge for the most part since they’re tied to the geographic region of their death.

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not really elder shades can go anywhere anytime, they have no bounds.

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Vampires and Werewolves we wouldn’t have much of a chance against.

Zombies means possible survival. This is nullified if they are the fast moving zombies and not the slow ones.

Also, a zombie ‘takeover’ is just a widespread infection. It’s the need/craving to consume living flesh that drives them, not the subjugation of humans which would probably be the motive of vampires and werewolves. I’d prefer infection vs being the slave of anyone or thing.

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Vampires. After 5000 years or so, you’d have lots of great stories to tell your grandkids ahahah

Edit: I didn’t really read the question, sorry. I’d rather be taken over by aliens.

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Anything but Bush.

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@Harp: The soon-to-be-ex president or the band? :^>

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There’s a band?

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There was. It wouldn’t surprise me if they were still around.

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Definitely vampires. The vampires in my mind are sexy.

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and in my mind you’re sexy. ;)

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I know its not listed, but the Combine! (half-life 2) Because apparently normal people can kill them. And they don’t flat-out kill people like the others.

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I remember when vampires were awesome, not just ‘sexy.’ Vampires ala Rice and Meyer are just boring and lack any sort of depth; their only purpose is to look pretty and play roles in wet dreams. In fact, I got sick of playing World of Darkness because everyone wanted to play the “OMG 1 R PURTEE N B3ING A VAMPR IS SOOOOO AWESOME ^____________^.” I just can’t take them seriously, and just wouldn’t be scared of them. Nosferatu on the other hand? Yeah, I’d be terrified. Gangrel? That’s scary stuff. Mekhet? Badass too. I guess “sexy” vampires wouldn’t be that bad if they were actually well written and interesting, but popular culture has basically just made them into a gigantic joke.

I still maintain that vampires would be the best scenario, simply because they’d be the easiest to kill. Anyone with an iota of willpower could disable a vampire and kill it.

@robmandu: Shotguns are horrible to use against zombies, even if you aim for the head. The shotgun was designed for maiming, something which has little use on a zombie. Even a headshot isn’t going to work most of the time, because a good chunk of the brain can be destroyed and still retain enough function for the zombie to still maintain activity. That, and guns just shouldn’t be used unless as a last resort. The sound would draw even more zombies.

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then use a katana, a very sharp one, and know how to use it.

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@crayon… oh… I thought they (zombies) were attracted to brain activity or beating hearts or something…. moreso than sound. Depending on the mythology being theorized, your proximity, quiet or not might be sufficient to lure them to you (like how a shark can smell blood in the water over 20 miles).

And isn’t maiming what you want to do to a zombie? Remove their ability to locomote, or grab, or bite, or send coherent brain signals?

Yah, a katana is quiet and efficient, but lacks range. Keep one for up close work or when you run outta ammo.

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use a silencer on your guns.

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Vampires. Your still pretty much normal after you become one, except you have awesome powers and just have to be night walker. And i mean if the world were taken over by vampires, everyone would be one so life would pretty much just go back to normal, except night and day would be switched. Sounds good to me, im up all night anyway.

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How come the world can’t be taken over by something like mimes or philanthropists?? Lots of people giving away their money works for me. Especially to me.

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No, not mimes! How would you kill them?

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Keep saying, “What? I CAN’T HEAR YOU!!” just a thought…. ;)

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@rowenaz: That might work. :^>

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What about door-to-door missionaries? shiver
I’ll take a zombie any day over that.

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Jehovah’s witness..nooooooo!

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Zombies because they can be killed easily.
Vampires need to have a stake put through the heart.
Werewolves need a silver bullet.
I have no idea how to kill a shade.

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Vampires.. you could reason with them.. merge, establish a pact, or alliance..who knows.. I am quite fond of that race…

Zombies….if it were them… you have to spend day after day hunting, fighting, slashing, covering your nose from the stench…a stupid and disguisting (to not mention tiring) end-to-itself existence…

werewolves, I tend to like them, too though

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