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U.S. jellies, what experience do you have with ordering drugs via the mail from Canada?

Asked by tedibear (19243points) August 12th, 2018

My husband has a prescription drug that he needs to take in its name brand form. (The generic versions leave him unable to be more than 20 steps from a bathroom.) Most insurance companies have stopped covering it because of the cost. A 90 day supply now costs about $20,000. His doctor switched him to something else, but it’s not working.

The drug is available in Canada for $400 for a 90 day supply.

Any guidance is greatly appreciated.

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I wish you luck @tedibear, that US price is appalling, do insurance companies there not have an appeal option, so people for whom drugs just don’t suit/work, for some reason or another, can make a submission to have an exception made?

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Is there any chance you could move close to the Canadian border? Then you could go there yourself to get it.

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I work in a doctors office and we get drug representatives all the time. All have told us that if a patient needs help with paying for their drugs to contact the drug company and they will help. Examples are Pfizer, Mylan, etc. I have never personally tried this, but the reps say they really help. Also, have you looked at
My SIL uses this site and gets her prescriptions at a fraction of the cost.

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I personally have not ordered from Canada. I have at least one friend who has, and his deliveries have all come through just fine – no issues with customs or quality or anything else.

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There may be restrictions on medications you can import into the US. But the website should be able to tell you.

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@Adagio – there is an appeals process, but the insurance customer service representative told me that there has never been a successful appeal on this drug. All of the pharmacy management groups for insurance companies have taken Glumetza off their formularies. (At least those I know about.)

@chyna – when I looked at GoodRx last year, with a coupon, the price came down to about $4,000 for 90 days. When I spoke to our pharmacy, I was told that they don’t always honor the coupon price.

@elbanditoroso – My biggest concern is making sure we find a reputable pharmacy online. If you have a moment, could you ask your friend which pharmacy they use? I would be very grateful!

@snowberry – we’re not far from Canada, about a four hour drive. It would just be nice to do it by mail. This particular medication wouldn’t be restricted, based on what I read on the FDA website.

All – Thank you so much for your input.

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I have ordered prescriptions filled over the phone with a pharmacy in British Columbia. All has gone well, it took about a week before it arrived in California.

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@zenvelo – would you be willing to PM me the company that you used? Pretty please with a sammich on top?

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