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How do I delete a question?

Asked by reddragon12 (66points) August 12th, 2018

I no longer want my question posted because it has been solved so how can I take it down?

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You can contact the mods and ask them to delete it. If they think your question and answers might be helpful for others they may keep it up. Plead your case if it’s personal and you don’t want it to stay.

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Flagging your question will get the moderators’ attention. If, additionally, others flag it, or if you flag other responders, it will REALLY alert the mods.

When you flag your question, explain there, @FlutheringBlonde ‘s advice is spot on.

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Would it be helpful for other users to flag your question?

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I think that would actually be quicker.

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Shoot. Can’t flag because I’m on an iPhone. Hopefully another jelly can flag for you.

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They probably won’t take it down if another Jelly flags them unless it is obscene or hate-filled and in general, don’t take questions down unless there is a compelling reason in my experience.

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