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If you were putting together a tool kit for an extended driving trip, what would you include?

Asked by rojo (24179points) August 13th, 2018

Looking for suggestions for indispensable tools to take on a multi-month road trip. Space is somewhat limited so I would like to fit it into a small tool box (not this one but similar in size)

What do you think? From basics to exotics, what do I need to include?

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Specifically for the car?
Or general use?

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Bungee cords in various sizes.
A screwdriver with different tips that store in the handle.
Razor blades with a holder.
Pliers, wrench and hammer.
Nails and screws of various sizes (can be stored in a pill bottle).
Twist ties (also store in pill bottle).
Duct tape.

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Light bulbs for your rear brake lights

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Okay, I will give some that come in handy both for the car and away from the car.

Flashlight/head torch
Swiss army knife

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Everything and anything needed for a tire change. (A jack. A tire iron. A good spare.) Other than that. a membership to the Automotive Association in your country. Any sort of break down assistance. My days of fixing my own car are over. Depending on the sort of car you drive, so many of them require digital diagnostics now, I wouldn’t know where to begin to fix it. If you have a basic type of car, don’t underestimate having a spare 5 litre jug of water. Duct tape. Any spare parts that can easily break, like a fanbelt. I had one break and it was snowing and the garage that rescued me didn’t have that model in stock, so I would probably bring one with me, if I still had that type of car. You should always have a basic break down kit in your car, including warning triangles and a high-vis reflector vest and first aide kit. A blanket, torch, scissors, knife. My kit would include things to be prepared for in case I had to wait for help to arrive.

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You should just have all this in your vehicle anyway:
Road plug kit
Jump start with air compressor
Properly maintained spare and tire change hardware
Cable ties
Code reader
Small multimeter
Good sharp knife
Assortment of automotive fuses
Electrical/duct tape
First aid kit & emergency water
Extra change of clothes
Rope/ratcheting straps
Basic but quality hand tool kit

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Metal coat hangers/mechanic’s wire.
Small shovel/entrenching tool
Toilet paper
Paper towels
Extra oil, coolant, ATF

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@rebbel carried in the truck, for use on vehicles.

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A basic 3/8 socket set
three cresent wrenches a 6inch,10inch,12inch
a multi head screw driver
a test light
a roll of black tape
wire strippers
a sharp knife
an assortment of spare fuses,and light bulbs.
a can of penetrating oil.
a wire brush
a small roll of wire.
a 2lb hand held hammer
That is for the tool box you also might include a spare fan belt, a couple of bungee straps,a are can of motor oil,a spare bottle of ATF, and a thing of brake fluid.

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Oh I forgot you should have a good pair of vice grips.
a pair of needle nose pliers
and just a regular pair of pliers as well.

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Gloves, not for warmth, but just to protect knuckles. Sometimes latex gloves come in handy, to grip small stuff and not fumble.
Some very good suggestions above.

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I just take my AAA card and a cell phone. I also make sure I have water, food and blanket

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Will you be in a cold climate? If so bring a blanket.

Everything you need to change a tire including gloves.

Car charging cord for your cell phone.

Keep some water in the car when driving far. Paper towels or wipes. A bag for trash, especially if you eat when you drive. It’s better not to eat when you drive, but on long trips I think most people do.


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A fire extinguisher is a good idea, though I believe almost no drivers carry one.

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Everybody has great answers. I would also include a tarp and pad to kneel on if you need to get down on the ground to change a tire or do other work, and a plastic tupperware bowl with a lid to collect lug nuts or other screws or parts, so that you won’t accidentally lose, or dump them.

And one of those specialized hammers that are kept on the drivers side, strapped within reach, to break the window, in case of accidentally ending up in a body of water (in an accident) where you can’t get the door opened. This one also has a seatbelt cutter as part of the tool:

A first aid kit, and a box of nitrile gloves.

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This is my car kit:
—Phillips head screwdriver
—Slotted screwdriver
—Crescent wrench
—Wire cutter
—Box cutter
—Duct tape
—2 wire coat hangers (to make hangers/brackets)
—Work gloves
—Magnet on telescoping stick to retrieve dropped bolts & washers
—Blue ripstop tarp
—My former kitchen rug approx. 4×6 feet

Missing (I should get these one day)
—Roadside orange reflecting warning triangles

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Cell phone

Auto club card


Road Atlas for when GPS craps out

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Another driver (but not necessarily Minnie).

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When we take road trips through remote areas, we always take sleeping bags (especially in cold weather), toilet paper, enough food and water for a couple of days, a flashlight, and a good first aid kit.

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