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I imagine it would be a very random assortment of music.

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agree random music. But put crimson and clover in there-it's by tommy James & the shondells.

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It's got jazz in it! Like Louis Armstrong, Harry Connick Jr., Ingrid Lucia, Billie Holliday....Just fluthering along with the mood.

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it would be helpful if people just specified specific songs

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What a wonderful World-Louis Armstrong(the fluther world), City Beneath the Sea- Harry Connick Jr(like Jellyfish)

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A quick look at iTunes search for 'Jelly Fish':

Jelly Fish Jam, Spongebob Squarepants, the Yellow Album
Jelly Fish Suites, Sachi Hayasaka, Minga album
Five Blind Jelly Fish, Pam Southwell,
...only a few of first 50 listed

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There also an irish folk song called "Phil the Fluther's Ball"

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No Tengo Tortillas by Sergio & Willingham (feat. El Lake Effect) for sure.

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Look no shameless promotion but some Fluther people are on this song.

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i recommend you just link up with one of the pre-done internet stations and NOT take up a lot of your time setting it up (however brilliant idea i freaking love fluther)

if i had to pick ONE station only for you to link to it is this one. a lot of instrumental. not offensive. no swearing. no shock jock. no ads.

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Don’t ask me why but something by Donovan sounds good. Oh, one other one, Senor Coconut (the Chilean guy who does Kraftwerk covers).

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Gotta think about gettin’ down, down under the sea….
Donovan’s Atlantis
The Apples in Stereo Mellotrons
Beatle’s Yellow Submarine
Men at Work Down by the Sea
Blue October Into the Ocean
Audio Adrenaline Ocean Floor
Beach Boys Catch a Wave
Debussy Sunken Cathedral & Le Mer
Pat Metheny Lone Jack

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…and how about “Sea Song by Robert Wyatt,” and perhaps some Ventures…and….

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how about Don’t Panic by Coldplay

“we live in a beautiful world!”

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Rock Lobster by the B52’s?

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Answers to Your Questions – Loose Fur

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The one that goes:

” Slow down you move too fast, got to make the morning last ”

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February Air- by lights

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Fluther is fortunate to be home to jellies with such a variety of musical tastes that I think the playlist should include all songs, all nationality, all style, all cultural, and all-inclusive!

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