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What really happened in the beginning? how did humans really evolve?

Asked by eeyore200343 (175points) August 19th, 2008
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None of us were around, then. Except maybe AstroChuck ;)

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i know we were not around i just want to know if anyone knows because i find this subject interesting.

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We only have theories, but there is a lot of evidence to support them. Conditions for the formation of life were favorable and there were organic molecules. Life then evolved.

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This is an impossible question to answer, because no one really knows.

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read the Bible.

If you don’t like that answer

Read a history science book.

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i dont believe the bible it says adam and eve were the first humans. if thats so then where did the fact we evolve from apes come from?

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What do you mean, “what really happened”? Your phrasing makes it sound as if you find some answer objectionable. Which theory do you find suspicious? Are you looking to references for research on the subject?

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How about you do some research and stop looking for somebody to spoon feed you answers?

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how about you not replying to the the questions if your not really going to answer the actual question?

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what really happened you ask? well there are lots of different peoples views on this subject. what i really should have asked is how do you think humans evolved. my mistake

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@eeyore the bible does say they are the first. Please read and do research. We tend to like when people put a little effort in.

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if you’re really interested in this stuff then read the selfish gene by Richard dawkins. Its heavy going at times but gives you a really good idea how it is believed evolution takes place. Had quite a profound impact on me.

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