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What is the word that applies to the following Mandalay Bay hotel court case?

Asked by flo (11353points) August 14th, 2018

They don’t mean we’re suing you because you the victims caused the shooting. Isn’t there another word to go with what they are doing, i.e saying No we are not liable for the shooting we did all we could.

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Force majeure?

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We are not responsible for the inappropriate exhibition of firearms by the person who committed the offense.

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Why do you suppose there is a single word that applies to the hotel’s action?

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preventative litigation?

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“Bullshit” is a good word for it…

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Holy shit.. That is amazing. And amazingly stupid.

I can’t really see a situation where the hotel would be held accountable.

Doing this is like forcing the “Streisand effect” into doing a gram of cocaine in one line.

The legal outcome will be the same but now everyone wants to see you die. This P.R. disaster will make its way into M.B.A textbooks.

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I suppose you could characterize it as a defensive suit. Or perhaps a preemptive suit.

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^^ Preemptive strike

or the famous Andy Capp “I thought he was going to hit me so I hit him back first” philosophy of confrontation.

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What made them decide to take that action by the way? Did they learn that a victim said that he/she’s thinking of suing the hotel?
Still the word “sue” says the victim/s caused the shooting, and they can’t mean that.

My thinking exactly, @johnpowell. It’s mind boggling

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@rebbel and @rojo and @Caravanfan, I’m looking into it but do you have a link? I don’t know if I’ll get my head around it anyway.
I went here:

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Edited to add to my last post

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I don’t think that’ll help me see how they could sue the victims

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@RedDeerGuy1 I didn’t get a notification for your post.

Anyway what are they saying to the court?

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