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Has anyone dropped a window air conditioner out of the window?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (13718points) August 15th, 2018

I have a fear of it. Is it a legit fear? Do you have a horror story about installing window air condoning units?

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I have had 2 window units for over 20 years & NEVER had one fall out of my window. One window has had the unit replaced 4 times & still NO disaster!!! You just need to be careful when installing. Once you get it situated in the window, pull the up window down firmly against it. All the units that I’ve had actually had a frame that rises up onto the bottom of the top window with pre-drilled holes so you can install screws that help to keep the unit firmly seated & also helps to prevent burglars from opening the window & letting themselves in. The side pieces on the unit slide out to the edge of the window so you can screw them in also. Some units come with a base that you screw into your outside wall so it doesn’t lose its balance. The base that I had didn’t work with every unit that I replaced; so, I now have a brick sitting under my unit which works as well as the base did & it’s more of a generic stabilizer!!!

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Never happened to me, but now that you brought it up, I am laughing at the thought.

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Actually, it wouldn’t be humorous…it would be sad!!!

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The situation would be sad, maybe, if it was a new one. If it is a garbage one being replaced, who cares?
The mental image is, however, amusing.

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I lived in a two story apartment complex and there was a sidewalk right below where I would have installed the A/C. I asked the landlord if it would be alright and she laughed for about 60 seconds before telling me to “fuck off”.

I ended up going with this.

It isn’t going to keep your entire apartment cool. But it works well for my 150sq/ft bedroom. There is just a hose that blows hot air out the window.

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I use to go over to my neighbors house to help him install his AC every Summer and take it out in the Fall.
It weighed over 115 pounds and it took both of us to lift and position it in the opening with his wife outside to put the brace under it.

It could never have been done by a single person without dropping it.

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I feel confident to say yes. No, I have not personally dropped an AC unit out of a window.

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If I ever do, I hope it lands on the peeping tom below. The one with a 5,000 reward for capture.

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