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If we have much confusion in nutrition, trying to find who is right, then what must it be like to take nutrition in university?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (21676points) August 15th, 2018

Must be lots of infighting. University and professional stories encouraged. Also who is right? No flaming please.

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What confusion? Are you using this supposed confusion as an excuse for not eating healthy?

The following are universally accepted (apart from a few crackpots) rules for eating a healthy diet:

1. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables every day
2. Limit your intake of red meats.
3. Avoid concentrated amounts of sugar and fat
4. Eat whole grain bread and cereal
5. Have fish at least once per week

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You could never be completely right and infallible in nutrition. Each person is individual, which mean their metabolism as well as their ability to absorb and produce certain necessary compound differ from one person to another. There is no single nutritional intake rules that will work on all people at all times. Nutritionists can make general rule of thumb of nutritional requirement for general populace but making an accurate one for a specific individual will require a lot of testing to determine the exact calorie and other vital compounds needed by said person.

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Well it does seem like every week there’s a “new study” that suggests something previously touted as healthy is now unhealthy (or vice versa).

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Eat fresh pure foods. That’s all you need to know. Next question. Yaaawwwnnnnnnn.

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