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Does deflection, and political spin ever become tiring when trying to get answers on political questions?

Asked by SQUEEKY2 (15787points) August 15th, 2018

Both sides do it.
And it depends on who you talk to says who does it worse.
You ask something and someone will come out of nowhere with something and start going on about it.
Sorta like Trump did when asked a question when he and Putin had their press conference, he just started rambling on about servers.
It had zero to do with the question but out it came.
I find it tiring, how about you?

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Absolutely. It’s impossible to watch Sarah Huckabee Sanders and not laugh at her obfuscation.

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Do Habanero’s sear the asshole on the way out?

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It’s a frequently used tool, in a political environment. I suppose it’s better than no free press. It’s the best we’ll ever get.

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I got sick of defending myself in university. I finally got standards and was promptly punished for them. It was like a political scrum every day. I moved on recently.

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One of my favorite takes on deflection…Dance the Little Sidestep from Best Little Whorehouse in Texas

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When idiots on here genuinely compare Trump to Hitler then you know just how fucking deranged they are & realise they’re fundamentally oxygen thieves.

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@ucme This is why, and we’re not waiting for your permission or wasting our breath.

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White noise

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@ucme but ya got to admit that, on the Hitler-Hanks Spectrum Trump falls more in the red than into the green.

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Real tiring.
I rarely watch tv news anymore, because they have all become propagandists for one political party or another.

It almost makes me sick to admit given my experiences in the ME, and I thought I would the absolute LAST person in the world to ever even consider turning on Al-Jazeera, US but I occasionally do. Their bias is occasionally less acute than Fox, CNN, MSNBC etc.

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Anybody else pine for the days when you got 45 minutes of news four times a day, in the morning, afternoon and evening and again at night and that was it? Short, sweet and by necessity concise because time was limited

Not like today when you have 24 hour news channels that have to fill up the airwaves with pap, opinion and mouthfarts so as not to have dead air.

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Ron Burgundy era.

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Whataboutism is no longer just a deflection tactic, it’s become the primary mode of political discourse.

When 95% (disclaimer: this is a rough estimate) of political talk is BS, one wonders whether it’s even worth bothering anymore.

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True^ your not going to get any die hard left or right to change sides, much less admit they were wrong about something.

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