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What is the best cleanse for a drug test to hide marijuana use?

Asked by Stache (4779points) August 15th, 2018

I smoked some pot over the weekend and I’m going to be tested for use in 10 days. What is the best cleanse out there?

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Not sure if there is one. I will ask my wife in the morning, she works in a lab.

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I hear a pint of apple cider vinegar guzzled before the test will take care of the problem. But I wouldn’t bet my job on it…

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None. You are just going to have to hope for the best.

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Not much ! !

I figure you could pass the test on October 1st. It takes 30 to 45 days to clear your body of marijuana.

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I know it’s possible. I’ve passed before with something I bought at GNC but that was a few years ago. It cleared me in two days. I just can’t remember what it was.

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This is too much. My lurve is 420 thanks to the GA. haha

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Only time would work. Can you take a sick day? Maybe you can save your reputation and quit before doing failing the test.

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@JennWithOneN :: It really depends on the type of test. If you are looking for a job through a temp agency where they use a two dollar stick on site you could get away with dilution.

But if it gets shipped off to a lab it is pretty obvious your pee is nearly all water and you will get flagged for that and there will still be traces.

I have passed tests when I shoulddn’t have. But that might be a function of me being 130 pounds and six feet tall. I have heard that if you have more fat it takes longer to clear.

And here is a tip I have used a few times. Go apply at a temp agency tomorrow to work in a warehouse. The economy is popping and they need bodies and will certainly drug test you on the spot with the cheap sticks. You don’t want the job but you want the free piss-test. If you fail that you will certianly fail the one your employer will give you.

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Fast and drink water,man.Let that body eat that shit away.

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Hide someone’s urine that is clean. My son told me he used to give this 10 year old kid $10 for his clean urine and hide it in his boot! I didn’t want to hear anymore!

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Exactly what @MooCows said. Get clean urine, store it somewhere warm against your body, and you’re “golden”...

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It was a piss test. I passed. I took some cleansing pills, vitamins and drank a bunch of cranberry juice for several days beforehand. Cleansing pills were $25. I got them off of Amazon. Prime, two day shipping.

I sound like spam. I’m not.

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