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What do you do with "The PSA says don't drive on cannibis, it doesn't mention what I was doing on cannibis"?

Asked by flo (11432points) August 16th, 2018

What if someone presented that as a defence somewhere?
Has someone done that already?
Instead of “don’t drive impaired” or “don’t drive drunk” or “don’t drive on cannibis”, what should the PSA say to cover everything that one should not do while impaired? See the tags, and more endless list of things.

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Don’t do nuffin if yer fucked up.

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Would you want your surgeon performing a prostatectomy or lumpectomy or anythingectomy while stoned? I sure wouldn’t.

What about that butterfly tattoo being applied to your left shoulder blade? Or angel wings on your back? or (so dated) tribal band on your arm? I sure wouldn’t.

What about your financial advisor?
Your Doctor .

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But I would not feel so all alone…...

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^ I guess it’s OK for musicians and artists.

I wonder… would Bob D. want his investment manager on it while working? Or the audio engineers mixing his records? Or his doctor giving him his annual physical? Or the bus driver taking the crew to the next gig? Or….

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Not sure what you’re getting at, @LuckyGuy. I don’t see anyone endorsing inappropriate impairment here.

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He was responding to my quip from the Dylan song.

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But his post before that…

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Oh well, the OP is so nebulous, I think it can go anywhere.

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“Drive or motorcycle or fly your helicopter…over here, your child needs to be taken to hospital, (the medical issue’s not urgent enough for ambulance)”
-No I can’t I’m high/stoned, so are my friends right now”

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…Or “Could you fill in for someone who called in sick last minute? You’ll get 1½, or double pay”
“No, I can’t,” (I’m stoned/stondish)

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