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What would you wear for this interview?

Asked by Dutchess_III (39111points) August 16th, 2018

I secured an interview for a parts manager at a tractor supply company here in town. I have experience controlling parts inventory, ordering, warranties, ect. from when we had the shop. I know how vital proper management parts can be for a business such as this, so I’m kind of excited and pretty hopeful. It’s just like the shop, only times 100,000. They’re huge and this is not their only location.
So, this is a shop position, somewhere between a mechanic and the business office, so what do I wear? Jeans? Sneakers or loafers?

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I would wear business casual. You can’t go wrong with that. Nice slacks, blouse and jacket. Flat shoes or loafers, not sneakers. That way you can get an idea of how they dress during your interview or just bring it up if it’s not obvious.
Good luck!

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Thanks. I can sure do business casual!

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Can you find someone that works there? Ask them what they wear ?

Then dress one notch above.

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Business casual. If it were me, I’d wear nice slacks, nice shoes, sport coat with matching shirt and tie.

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Did you get the job?

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Slacks, not jeans. Nice shirt, button down. Flats, not heels.

And be smart. Good luck.

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@Caravanfan I am a female.

@basstrom188 interview is today.

@elbanditoroso I think you hit it right there. I’ll post a pic, maybe. If I can get a good one.

It’s a conundrum. Having been in the industry I know that it is severely male dominated, and often women just flat out are not welcome. The things some of them have said to me, and the things some of them have done….smh. That’s why I don’t want to dress too femininely, but I don’t want to deny my gender either. I wonder if men ever run into this problem, of worrying about what to wear because of their gender?
Anyway, going to go take a shower now. Interview is “between 2 and 3.” It’s noon now.

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It’s 1:30. Guess I’ll hang out here until 2:00, then leave. That should put me that at 2:05. Which is between 2 and 3.

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As your fashion consultant, I expect a commission. Or at least a beer.

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I think I nailed it. I wore a pair of slacks that weren’t exactly khaki, but they were khaki colored, and a button down shirt. Pretty much exactly what the guy who interviewed me had on.

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Yes I know you are female. I am saying that in a similar situation I would wear a coat and tie and I wget is recommend the female equivalent.

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Ah. OK. Well I didn’t want to go business professional for a shop floor position. You know, grease, dirt that kind of thing. So I think I did well. I asked him about dress code. He said they provide shirts with the business name on them, then we wear our own jeans or whatever.

And, also. I want chocolate cake.

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With ice cream !

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I would wear something casual but not jeans….khaki pants with a cotton blouse, sleeves rolled to elbow. Wear whatever is in style that would be like a loafer. I wear flipflops and Birkenstocks all the time, like everyone here, so I don’t even know how the rest of the world dresses. Good luck in your interview.

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This is quite exciting.

Hope you get the job.

Keep us informed of developments.

oh yeah, the abbreviation for et cetera is etc not ect k.

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Thanks you guys. I don’t have a particularly good feeling for how this one worked so I’m kind of bummed.

@MollyMcGuire flipflops are all I wear normally in the summer, but on the chance he was going to have me tour the shop I knew I’d have to have closed toed shoes.

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@Dutchess_III That’s too bad. Why do you feel it didn’t go well?

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