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How do you keep score in life?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (19445points) August 16th, 2018

Money, likes, friends, Lurve, ect..?

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The only person I’m competive with is myself. Competing with others holds little interest.

What does challenge me is deadlines. Making an achievable list every day for the next day keeps the motion going.

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I don’t keep score, it’s not that kind of game. I’m happy so that’s all that matters. I have enough money not to worry too much, I don’t need more than a few friends, I have a good wife, hobbies… I have zero interest in “climbing the ladder” or “keeping up with the joneses” I have no interest in being famous. You’re a fool if you care about that sort of thing. That’s the sort of mentality that keeps people enslaved and unhappy. You can’t experience life trapped in those cycles.

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Survivability. If I live longer than 76.6 years, I win.

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I don’t consider it as keeping score!!!

I find people who love money to be very shallow & I don’t “need” them in my life!!! I just need enough money to survive. Anything past that is unnecessary!!!

I don’t care what other people are doing, I offer my love & friendship…NO strings attached. It’s up to them to take it from there. IF they accept my offer, we’ll be friends until they try to take advantage of me…POOF gone!!! IF they decline my offer…it’s “their” problem…NOT mine!!!

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I shoot out pretend phaser blasts from my car when I’m driving and score my kills.

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Bank account balance, number of illnesses, injuries, and slain foes.

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Why keep score? Who am I competing against?

A day the starts with me waking up and ends with my head on my pillow is a victory.

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I’m very competitive, so like @ragingloli, I compete for money, happiness…...and slain foes.

Really as long as my family is all okay, and I’m okay, and my car and animals are good, I’m pretty copacetic.

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Goals, mainly. I keep track of goals I have and ones that I’ve already accomplished. I keep track of how close I am to reaching the new ones.

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“How do you keep score in life?”

I pay the invigilator to score my oeuvre highly and correct any ect.

But the HI-I-CUE clubs that want me as a member are not the sort of pool I swim in.

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