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Happy 75th Birthday Robert De Niro: What movie & or role of his do you like most?

Asked by ucme (46318points) August 17th, 2018

Casino is better than Goodfellas…FACT!!

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So many good ones, but I always laugh at Analyze This and Analyze That.

Also Ronin.

Was never a big fan of Raging Bull

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Ronin, Heat, Casino are all incredible. I really enjoyed his performance in “Meet the Parents”—he nailed that role and you could tell he enjoyed playing it.

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Oh man. I guess I’ll bring up his role in Jackie Brown. Not to mention Good Fellas.
No. Casino, is not better than Good Fellas. Fact. They are both great though.

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Chiefly because it is the only film of his that I actually watched.

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Are you talkin’ to me?

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Um..I think Men of Honor would have to be my favorite.

@ragingloli…Heat with Sandra Bullock?

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With Alpa Cino.

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Alpa Cino! LOL! Pretty sure there is supposed to be an H somewheres in there!

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Alpa Chino, with an H, is a character from the movie “Tropic Thunder”, which also stars Robert Downey Jr. in blackface, as “a dude playing a dude disguised as another dude”.

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De Niro the person leaves me feeling a bit cold…yet De Niro the actor is fantastic in almost everything he’s ever done!!! I loved his vulnerability in the part of Leonard in the 1990 movie Awakenings with Robin Williams. He was intimidating as Max Cady in the 1991 CapeFear. I enjoyed him as Vito in 1974’s The Godfather.

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Analyse this.

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I personally don’t like him very much. I think my favorite movies in which he played are Ronin and Cape Fear.

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Really admire him as an actor. Wish he had more gritty films like Taxi Driver and funny ones like Analyze This and That and that milk my nipple movie.

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Taxi Driver, Heat

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Honourable mention to We’re No Angels in which he basically took the piss out of his acting style.

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